Little Bites of A.T. Hikes Part 3: Turk Gap to RipRap Hollow (Day Hike, 8 Miles, Moderate)

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  1. Nancy T. 1 month ago

    spot available as i signed up for backpacking instead

  2. Dawn F. 3 weeks ago

    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to do this hike, because I will be going to MD that day. If anyone else cannot make it, I am planning to do it on some other Saturday; if interested, please let me know.

  3. Carole 2 weeks ago

    Just added a plus

  4. Carole 2 weeks ago

    One and paid. Please adjust my rsvp. Thanks

  5. Marybeth 2 weeks ago

    spot available, I’m thinking it’s still going to be too humid for my asthma, even if the temp drops out of the 90″s

  6. Carole 2 weeks ago

    Will miss you Marybeth

  7. Lori 2 weeks ago

    Anyone planning on heading over to the drive in for the double creature feature that just posted?

  8. DeeD 2 weeks ago

    I don’t think I will be able to do the extra trail, but plan on bringing a book just in case. Winery yes, horror movie no. I will be glad to drive Annie!

    • Annie V. 2 weeks ago

      K, Dee ` I’ll meet at carpool spot and we can decide to keep everyone’s options open

  9. Elizabeth 2 weeks ago

    Sounds good to me — my feet haven’t fully recovered from last weekend’s advanced training.


    Thank you Steve.

  10. Lori 2 weeks ago

    Bummer! I was ready to galosh it. I’m looking for a hike for the 29th. Is that available on your schedule? December is too far off for me to know.

  11. Brian C. 2 weeks ago

    Is going this Sunday an option?

  12. Dawn F. 2 weeks ago

    Sat, Dec 1 is perfect!

  13. DeeD 2 weeks ago

    December 1st should be fine for me. Thanks for the update Steve.

  14. GeorgeT3rd 2 weeks ago

    Thanks for staying on top of the weather situation, Steve. While I’ve done mountain hikes in the rain, I’d prefer not to. Definitely don’t want to be out in a thunderstorm.

  15. Carole 2 weeks ago

    Weather too much of a concern. Backing out.

  16. Annie V. 2 weeks ago

    Don’t mind rain, but I do worry about sloppy trails! I saw flash flooding warnings from slow moving storms in that area and northern Va

  17. Stewart 2 weeks ago

    Steve, as a final follow-up, please let us know Sunday/Monday which weather app proved to be the more accurate and which one “failed.” I’m curious.

  18. Linda 2 weeks ago

    Good call on postponing this one! Look forward to 12/1/18! If anyone (like me) missed the first 2 “bites” which totaled 10 miles and want to make them up prior to 12/1/18, let me know!

  19. Annie V. 2 weeks ago

    Thank you Steve for all your time and effort! I’ll get in a little bite sometime!

  20. Lori 2 weeks ago

    This bites!!

  21. Brian C. 2 weeks ago

    Thanks for trying. I’d be game for trying to make this one and #2 up sometime.

  22. Brian 2 weeks ago

    Moved to 12/1/18 per Steve. If you can’t make the new date, please update your RSVP and optionally request a refund. Stay safe this weekend!

  23. George 2 weeks ago

    I think postponing is the best. On to 12-1-18.

  24. Author
    Steve H. 2 weeks ago

    Hi all
    The weather app test is done and I will be changing how I plan
    I really do apologize for the cancellation. Looks to be a great day to hike …

    I have posted accuweather and just from right now

    This is the 3rd time I have seen such divergent forecasts and so going forward I will only be basing my plans
    using Accuweather and radar. Accuweather forecast was stable for 24 hours ahead and totally spot on.
    Previously was using the idea of using multiple sites for a consensus.

    Weather Bug was closer to accurate 24 hours out, but predicted rainy day all day. and Weatherunderground are now considered by ME to be completely unreliable.
    they did not even report current conditions accurately

    Posted the 24 hours “before” and “after” for so you can judge for yourself
    – to be fair if you look at the radar snap of that day there is very heavy weather that is probably this predicted storm, but off by a considerable distance
    I get that this is not guarantee but need to have better info so everyone’s plans are not jumbled

  25. Brian 4 days ago

    With Steve’s blessing, I rescheduled my RipRap Hollow hike for the same date as this hike. I think one or two of you are signed up for both, so be sure not double book yourself! 🙂

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