Little Bites of A.T. Hikes Part 2: Beagle Gap to Turk Gap (Day Hike, 5 Miles, Moderate)

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Saturday, 08/18/2018

7:30 am - 3:00 pm

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SNP - Beagle Gap

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  1. Dawn F. 1 year ago

    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to do this hike, because I will be in Buffalo. If anyone else cannot make it, I’m planning on doing it between now and 9/8/18; if interested, please let me know.

  2. Brian C. 1 year ago

    I’d like to, depending on when.

  3. Dawn F. 1 year ago

    I will send those who are not able to go on 8/18/18 a private message, and hopefully we can figure out a date that works for everyone.

  4. ShortAmanda 11 months ago

    Steve! May I RSVP for an additional person? I see that there’s a space but I can’t figure out how to update the RSVP…

  5. Author
    Steve H. 11 months ago

    Done !
    See ya there

  6. ShortAmanda 11 months ago

    How bad is the rock scramble? I’m bringing someone brand new to hiking (and am kind of a wuss with rock scrambles myself).

  7. Elizabeth 11 months ago

    Looks good Steve.

    Thank you for all your hard work on these!

  8. Lori 11 months ago

    Steve is this cool place 2.5 miles up and 2.5 miles back, in addition to the 5 miles Beak to Turk Gap?

  9. Jamie K. 11 months ago

    Spot open.

  10. Sonja Moore 11 months ago

    Spot open.

  11. TimS. 11 months ago

    Guest dropped out one space open.

  12. Marybeth 11 months ago

    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to do this hike, the humidity, my asthma and hiking are just not playing well together this summer…hopefully September will be better because this is definitely hikes at my speed…

  13. Nancy T. 11 months ago

    Sorry to cancel but will be swapping cars with my daughter this day instead.

  14. Chris M. 11 months ago

    Sorry to drop with such late (or is it early) notice. I was called to work and it doesn’t appear that I’m going to be free in time.

  15. Author
    Steve H. 11 months ago

    rainy day but a good day
    thanks all for coming out!

  16. Lori 11 months ago

    What rain? You mean that outdoor air conditioning that made the temperatures so pleasant and the forest so lovely and green? Outstanding day. I forgot how beautiful a mountain hike could be. Thank you, Steve. The pace was perfect.

  17. Elizabeth 11 months ago

    Another awesome day with CVT!

    Thank you everyone, and Steve for organizing!

  18. Brian 11 months ago

    Thanks Steve for continuing the series! Bonus points to Lori (CVT shirt, sweeper), Elizabeth (CVT shirt), and Joe (CVT hat)! Now I understand a dastardly attempt was made to take advantage of a loophole in the official CVT Phrase That Pays regulations by everyone saying the CVT Phrase That Pays in unison. However, the CVT Phrase That Pays regulations clearly state “In the unlikely event that multiple individuals announce the correct Phrase That Pays at the exact same moment, the person who arrived first will get the points. In the even more unlikely event that the individuals also arrived at exactly the same time, the points will be divided evenly among them.” So the question is, who got there first??!

    • Lori 11 months ago

      I got there first! But there was no one there yet, so I picked up some Walmart goods while I waited. After exiting there was a conglomeration of CVT members conspiring about the phrase that pays and encouraging a newer member to cash in. This member (Mariluz) was too shy to do so on her own. So the gang leader of the congregation (ELIZABETH) convinced the members to sing the phrase that pays, and thus the song was sung! I say, points to Elizabeth or her intended (Mariluz) or both. Do I get trailer tail (tattle) points?

  19. Brian 11 months ago

    *Sigh* The men never cause these problems! In fact, the only woman who apparently was NOT involved in this sneaky scheme was Dee…so Dee, you get the points!!! 🙂

  20. Thomas W. 11 months ago
  21. Lori 11 months ago

    What? I wasn’t involved at all. Steve, back me up! AND I threw everyone under the table to expose the plot. Bad call!

  22. DeeD 11 months ago

    I sang it (badly), so I am not worthy!

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