Buck Hollow Loop (Day Hike, 6 Miles, Strenuous)

  1. Anna C. 6 months ago

    1.5mph? Sounds like my speed. Keeping an eye on this in case a spot opens up.

  2. Annie V. 6 months ago

    I’m startin a New Year, if something opens, this is my speed…

  3. Author
    Steve H. 6 months ago

    Hi all
    This section of the park is closed as per rangers on phone today due to conditions.
    All other sections of the park are opened a bit north so plan to change this hike to a different AT section.
    At a future time will come back and complete this section
    So …. you will see the descriptions change, but nothing else.
    I will send a reminder once I figure out the plan and get Brian to update the website.
    There will also be a backup hike accessed from outside of park in case the skyline drive access changes this week.

  4. Author
    Steve H. 6 months ago

    As promised – details changed for you to review your plans > pretty much just moved north
    If we get there, or status of the park access changes and we find out about it ahead of time
    I plan to do this 6 mile hike at the same reduced hiking pace
    – (could add up to 1 hour drive if get to SNP and it is unexpectedly closed)

    From the parking area on Route 211 take the Buck Hollow Trail 0.2 miles to the intersection with the Buck Ridge Trail. Take a left onto the blue-blazed Buck Ridge Trail and begin the steep ascent. At the top of the ridge, make a right onto the yellow-blazed Hazel Mountain Trail (mile 3.0) and in 0.5 miles come to the Hazel Mountain parking area on Skyline Drive. From there, take the blue-blazed Buck Hollow Trail back to your car.

    Thanks to Leigh S for the location hint

  5. Author
    Steve H. 6 months ago

    The plan as of today 1/8/2019 is AT South River Falls to Lewis Mountain

    If I get information that skyline drive will be closed on Saturday – will inform via this blog post that hike is changed to Buck Hollow to Hazel Mtn

    If we get to park entrance as planned for AT hike Saturday, AND find it to be unexpectedly closed, I plan to go Buck Hollow to Hazel Mtn. Other cars are free to turn around and go home instead.

    Hikes I organize from now on are either go, nogo, or plan B if there is one. New year, New approach.LOL

  6. Author
    Steve H. 5 months ago

    UPDATE: 1/11/2019 Friday
    Hike is a go
    It will be cold so dress accordingly
    Skyline drive is open for where we plan to go.
    I will check again in AM before the meetup
    There might be a bit of snow at end of hike or during ride home but nothing substantial
    Snow in Richmond is not forecast to start till you will be safely ensconced in UR beds for the night
    long after CVT event is over.

  7. Lori 5 months ago

    Steve I’m dragging tonight. Dont wait for me tomorrow. Not sure if I’m going to be able to drag myself there by 7:30

  8. Lori 5 months ago

    Chauffeur Steve, thank you for a wonderful #Plan D day. What happens on the trail stays on the trail. We’ll never tell. Elizabeth, thank you so much for sweeping me, Jeremy, for balancing me, and Dawn for leading me. Whew!

  9. Brian 5 months ago

    Thanks Steve – I hope everyone had fun! Sweeper & CVT shirt/hat points to Lori; CVT shirt/hat points to Dawn & Elizabeth.

  10. Author
    Steve H. 4 months ago

    I finally had a chance to go back and finish this one for myself – what an great hike!

  11. Dawn F. 4 months ago

    So glad to hear! Glad you liked it!

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