May 23, 2024

Buck Hollow Loop (Day Hike, 6 Miles, Strenuous)

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Saturday, 01/12/2019

7:30 am - 3:00 pm

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SNP - South River Falls

NOTE: Parts 4 – 7 will be rescheduled as that section of SNP is currently closed.  So we will jump to part 8 for now, then resume the march.

This is a series of hikes for those that want to chalk off the 100 or so miles of the A.T. in Shenandoah National Park but are just not up for 10-12 miles at a time and want to keep going. These are half sized chunks, shuttle hikes, and the pace will be close to 1.5 mph and even less on uphills. I will match the group’s pace to that of the sweeper. Take note that this is a way slower pace than any other hike series CVT does.  Note that 5 miles @ 1.5 mph = more than 3 hours of hike time.

The return time is approximate. If you have plans that require you to be back in Richmond at a specific time, please communicate this prior to carpooling with someone, or consider choosing a different hike.

Since these are shorter hikes, let’s combine them with visits to cool places (if available) and local wineries for tastings and bon vivanterie.

Winery:  Reynard Florence Vineyards



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