Little Bites of A.T. Hikes Part 4: Riprap Hollow to Jones Run (Day Hike, 5-7 Miles, Moderate)

  1. Carole 3 weeks ago

    I will meet you at Rip Rap Parking area at 9am

  2. Jen 3 weeks ago

    Spot Open

  3. Dawn F. 3 weeks ago

    Is this hike still happening?

  4. Author
    Steve H. 3 weeks ago

    Hike is a GO!

  5. Ingrid Stenbjorn 3 weeks ago

    Steve, I will ride with Carole Olsen instead of carpool. I will see you up there.

  6. KarenWIlder 3 weeks ago

    Sorry to miss the hike. Looks like a fun group and a great trip.

  7. KarenS 3 weeks ago

    Looks like we are still on!

  8. KarenS 3 weeks ago

    Glad to see that we are still on but I will check back in a little bit to make sure!

  9. Dawn F. 3 weeks ago

    Based on the forecast I looked at yesterday and today, it appears it will be raining the whole time we are hiking in Waynesboro and Crozet. Steve, what weather apps do you use?

  10. MervaY 3 weeks ago

    Hi Steve, I was hoping it will stop raining over here in the West End, but it is raining steadily now. I have decided not to go on the hike today. Sorry.

  11. Author
    Steve H. 3 weeks ago

    I am going hiking.
    Feel free to join me.
    Bring your rain gear.

  12. Elizabeth S. 3 weeks ago

    I’ve also decided not to go today. Will probably bring out the sun, so y’all have fun! (Was unable to cancel on my phone)

  13. Author
    Steve H. 3 weeks ago

    Hey all
    Truly an awesome day. Glad we were able to spend it together!!
    BTW – what ‘s up with the guy that took pics of my shoes???

  14. Ingrid Stenbjorn 3 weeks ago

    What a great trip! Thanks for leading us Steve. Weather was perfect. Great company!

  15. Carole 3 weeks ago

    Had a great time. Steve you are a great leader always waiting for the slower hikers(me). Fun group.

  16. Lori 2 weeks ago

    Whoop, Whoop! What they said. Great day, Black Rock was beautiful, you da man.

  17. Brian 2 weeks ago

    Thanks Steve – looks like a fun day! CVT shirt/hat points to Lori & Elizabeth.

  18. KarenS 2 weeks ago

    Like everyone else said, it was a great hike. The clouds kept it nice and cool and the rain stopped until after we got back in the car! Awesome day and thanks to Steve for not cancelling!

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