Little Bites of A.T. Hikes Part 1: Rockfish Gap to Beagles Gap (Day Hike, 5 Miles, Moderate)

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  1. Chris M. 10 months ago

    Space available, I’m covering on-call for a co-worker with a personal matter.

  2. Author
    JoeGiasullo 10 months ago

    Hey guys. I’m keeping an eye on the weather and will keep you posted. Final determination by Saturday at 6pm. Basically; rain = yes. Thunderstorms = no. Stay tuned.

  3. Stephanie B. 10 months ago

    Sorry to bail out but we cannot make it 🙁

  4. Author
    JoeGiasullo 10 months ago

    Ok guys, I’m calling it. 40 to 60% thunderstorms is no bueno. I will reschedule to a later date.

  5. Brian 10 months ago

    Moved to Sunday, 5/12. Please cancel your RSVP if you can’t make the new date.

  6. Nancy T. 10 months ago

    Mother’s day and my daughter’s birthday .. not able to make it.

  7. Author
    JoeGiasullo 9 months ago

    I’m keeping a weather eye on the horizon. As of now it looks like 100% chance of thunderstorms. I will hike in the rain, but not in thunderstorms; soaking wet, carrying metal poles, and surrounded by trees. Stay tuned.

  8. Author
    JoeGiasullo 9 months ago

    Howdi folks. We have 100% chance of thunderstorms at the time we are hiking tomorrow so I’m going to cancel and reschedule to a later date.

  9. Author
    JoeGiasullo 8 months ago

    Howdy folks. Looks like no rain this weekend so we are a go. I am staying up in the mountains this weekend and Brenda has graciously agreed to lead y’all at the meetup spot. I will be at Rock Fish Gap parking waiting for you. From there we will do the standard car shuttle. For drivers, if you haven’t been to this area, driving around can be a bit confusing. I would encourage you to check it out on google maps before heading out. I have included directions below. Looks like we have a good group; hopefully you can still join us. Also, the winery is still a go and is about 10 minutes from our parking area.

    – Broad Street west to i64 west
    – Exit 99
    – Stay to the right following signs for Shenandoah National Park (SNP)
    – Stay to the right going under i64
    – Bear right onto 610. This is tricky, but just follow signs for snp (do not stop at the tourist info center, this is not the parking area)
    – Take your first left and then another almost immediate left, again following the signs for SNP
    – The parking area is on the right (if you go back over i64 you have gone too far).

    Don’t forget that even though we are not driving into the park there is still a $15 fee per person for “walk ups”. If you have a park pass that will cover you and 3 adults. I have a pass and I’m sure a couple of you do also. Just be prepared with $15 cash.

  10. KarenS 8 months ago

    Heading up to DC on Sunday for a birthday celebration so I’ll have to bow out. Y’all have fun, y’hear! The weather looks to be perfect for a hike.

  11. Jonnie Stone 8 months ago

    Can’t do it. Father’s Day. Enjoy.

  12. BrendaB 8 months ago

    Perfect June weather for hiking. Thanks to Jie for organizing.

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