Long Flat Hikes: Great Dismal Swamp (Day Hike, 9 Miles, Easy)

  1. David 1 year ago

    I would like to go on this hike if a space becomes available…

  2. David 1 year ago

    Love the flatness of this hike…and the animals taking long naps in the trees..

  3. MervaY 1 year ago

    Hi Joe, Can I carpool with you on Sunday from Walmart in Short Pump to the Walmart in Colonial Heights?

  4. Annie V. 1 year ago

    I am going to bring Abby dog so I will drive. I have room for 1 who doesn’t mind an old mustang, an old lady and a crazy young pitty 😉

  5. JoeGiasullo 1 year ago

    Merva — Sure. But let’s meet in the back of the Food Lion parking lot in the Tuckahoe Village shopping center on Patterson Ave. If we get 2 more riders we can skip the meeting place and go straight to the hiking spot. If anyone is interested please let me know.

    • Rebecca80 1 year ago

      I can meet you and Merva at Tuckhoe. Do you still have room? Rebecca

      • JoeGiasullo 1 year ago

        Sounds good. Yes I have room for you and one more. Can you change your profile picture so I’m sure to pick up the right person? Thanks.

        • Rebecca80 1 year ago

          Joe, I have a profile picture and don’t understand why it does not show up here. It is on all. My other meetup groups. I am not real computer savvy and hopping someone can help me with it. I will be driving a Gold 2010 RAV4. What time shall we be there? My cell is 804-615-2069.

          • JoeGiasullo 1 year ago

            Oh hey…. there you are. I can see you on my phone but not on my laptop. Wierd. Anyway, I will calculate a departure time and let you guys know latter. I’m on my way to a modest ramble.

  6. MervaY 1 year ago

    Sounds good Joe. Let me know what time we should meet on Sunday. Thanks

  7. khorvath56 1 year ago

    My husband and I will be meeting everyone at the trailhead. What would be a safe time for us to get out there before or at the same time as those carpooling? We need to get back to our dogs so we won’t be able to stop for dinner, and don’t want others to be prevented from stopping after the hike.

  8. JoeGiasullo 1 year ago

    I have room for one more rider on the garnet express departing from Food Lion on Patterson Ave in Tuckahoe West. Hit me up if you’re interested. Also, my number is 804-787-0685 if needed. Text or leave a message (I won’t answer). And remember; the faster you go, the slower you age.

    • Nan S. 1 year ago

      I’d like to join you too. I can meet you at the Food Lion on Patterson Ave.

    • Nan S. 1 year ago

      I’d like to join you too. I can meet you at the Food Lion on Patterson.

  9. JoeGiasullo 1 year ago

    Nan, Rebecca, and Merva….Let’s leave at 830am. That way we don’t have to rush and we can get to the TH by 1045am. Please respond to confirm receipt.

    Kim, please note that we will meet you their. Thanks for all you do. Stay frosty.

  10. MervaY 1 year ago

    Thanks Joe. Will meet you at Food Lion.

  11. Annie V. 12 months ago

    Thanks Kim!!! The weather was perfect! My toes are the only parts that hurt 🙂

    • Annie V. 12 months ago

      I was totting 3 bottles of water, 5 lbs of food and some useless stuff in my pack, so it was a good work out for me.

  12. JoeGiasullo 12 months ago

    Pictures posted. Also: Merva, Nan, and Rebecca; thanks for a great ride. I asked my wife if she would be happy when I died and she said “no”. Then I asked her if she would tell me if she would and she said “no”. So I got that going for me.

  13. Author
    KimE 12 months ago

    Gorgeous day for a hike!! Thanks everyone–extra points to Joe & Merva for wearing CVT gear and to Keith for sweepin’

  14. Elizabeth 12 months ago

    Thank you Kim! Another great hike with a great group of people!

  15. khorvath56 12 months ago

    Great hike, great leader (Kim!), great people, great dog (Madison!), great weather, what more can I say. Thank you all for being so friendly and welcoming. Hope to get to doing more hikes with CVT soon.

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