Kayaking with Dolphins – Third Time’s the Charm!

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  1. AnnieV 11 months ago

    I tried to sign up via the site, but it says ‘This is a private slot, you must enter the correct passcode to book.’ I entered the correct code. Help! I wanna get swamped by dolphins!

  2. Philip Leone 11 months ago

    FYI.. Today I received an email from Kayak Nature Tours saying, …

    “We decided to change the start time for your August 12th Dolphin Kayaking Adventure from 12 noon to 11:30am so it will be easier for you to find on street parking for your trip. It will be best if you can bring as few cars as possible since we do not have any reserved parking. Thanks, The KNT Team.”

    Is it too early to call shotgun? 🙂

    • AnnieV 11 months ago

      oh no! I planned to drive by myself as I want to visit friends in VA Beach.Wonder if the KNT Team have the scoop on where to grab a parking place?

  3. Stephanie B. 11 months ago

    So the 11:30 trip
    Is the correct one now? Just want to be sure before I book.

  4. Stephanie B. 11 months ago

    Just realized I have an unavoidable conflict that weekend, so I will have to bow out. I had not registered on the kayaking site yet. Hope you all have a great time!

  5. AnnieV 10 months ago

    How likely are they to cancel this trip? Right now weather shows thunderstorms for Saturday. I don’t want to back out until they do, but I may change my plans for the weekend and ride with you guys, see what we get into 🙂

  6. Kelley 10 months ago

    My husband and I will head directly to Virginia Beach (no carpool) as we have an errand to run in the area too. Look forward to meeting everyone- Kelley

  7. SteveH 10 months ago

    hope its not 3 strikes and ur out!

    • Author
      KimE 10 months ago

      Not in this ballgame! It’s not over until the fat dolphin leaps over our kayaks.

  8. AnnieV 10 months ago

    I jumped rank and called KNT, they said it’s very likely that we’ll be kayaking in the rain (oh no! we might get wet!) but they won’t reject us unless a really nasty storm pops up.

    • Author
      KimE 10 months ago

      Way to go Annie!!!!! I’ll make sure I wear my rain gear AKA swimsuit

  9. Nan S. 10 months ago

    I will be driving to Virginia Beach and will meet you there.

  10. Kelley 10 months ago

    Hope the weather works out for those that made the trip to VA beach- the predictions kept us home. Will have to see dolphins another day

  11. Author
    KimE 10 months ago

    Hey all the trip is on, we are leaving at 12 instead of 11:30 as the weather is clearing

  12. Nan S. 10 months ago

    The morning looked gloomy and it was raining heavily as my husband and I were driving to Virginia Beach. We kept saying “Oh no, I think this kayaking trip is going to be cancelled.” But the day turned around beautifully. It stopped raining for a while, the sun started peeping out, and we sailed out on the rolling ocean waves. Much to our good fortune we saw many dolphins and even a whale breaching. All thanks to our hard-working and jovial CVT organizer, Kim Egbert. Thank you Kim for a wonderful day.

  13. Author
    KimE 10 months ago

    Third time was most definitely the charm!!! The weather came and went, rain to pouring rain to thunderstorms to SUN. I am a little tan! Not to mention the awesome group of diehards who weren’t going to let anything stand in the way of seeing those dolphins. And not only did we get to see dolphins, we got to paddle up close and personal with a humpback whale!!! This is only the second whale seen in 8 years of trips!!! The 32oz mimosas for $2.00 while waiting out the rain and the awesome seafood post-kayak was icing on the cake. Thanks everybody!

  14. AnnieV 10 months ago

    Wow!!! what a trip! Pouring rain, thunder and lighting, more rain, the terrible wait at Murphy’s with those giant mimosas to drink. Then comes the clearing and out to sea we went a paddling. Salty waves and a whale, dolphins so close to my kayak, I could have picked the seaweed off their little top fins AMAZING!!! Making for the beach, a wave crashed me off the kayak which came down and bonked me on the head. So glad I was mostly underwater, kayaks of the ocean variety are heavy! The crab cake dinner made it all better, and the laughter all the way back to Richmond was priceless! Thanks everyone, we made it happen. And thank you Kim for the ride and your fortitude.

    • AnnieV 10 months ago

      and Kim, I hope I left my white waterproof camera in your car, I can’t find it!

      • Author
        KimE 10 months ago

        You did–so now you have to come to tomorrow’s meeting to get it!!!

  15. Philip Leone 10 months ago

    Had such a great time today! Despite the weather, we patiently found a window of good weather and went for it, and were rewarded with some fun ocean kayaking and great views of the beach, clouds, dolphins, and a whale. All this topped off with a missing wallet mystery and a delicious dinner with an awesome view. Thank you, Kim, for graciously hosting and driving us. Thank you to the whole group for the fun day out today.

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