Kayak Without A Hike: James River South of Downtown (Kayak 4 Hours) BYOK

  1. Author
    Steve H. 6 months ago

    Hi all
    Cleared all the old comments. This event was rescheduled due to the hurricane and high water levels in 2018 on the original date.

  2. Marsha 3 months ago


  3. CherylKeeney 2 months ago

    Sadly I have to cancel. I had surgery on my arm 6 weeks ago, although I believe I could paddle, it’s loading my kayak that could undo all the progress I’ve made so far.

  4. Author
    Steve H. 2 months ago

    posted the tides chart – all things being equal we will ride low tide out and catch high tide back. All depends how far we go. It will almost hit 90 deg F so please bring sunscreen and appropriate cover and H2O

  5. Anne O. 2 months ago

    Hey! I’m giving up my spot (tired from out of town trip). Hope someone can take my place!

  6. Marsha 2 months ago

    Spot opened. Feeling sore

  7. Author
    Steve H. 2 months ago

    great day for a paddle – glad ya’ll came out

  8. Lori 2 months ago

    Thanks for the workout, Steve. My arms feel great. The scenery and bird life along that stretch were quite a surprise. We’re heading to huguenot flatmates in the morning tomorrow for a quick paddle if anyone is interested in joining us.

  9. Philip L. 2 months ago

    Enjoyed the paddle and company today. Thanks, Steve!

  10. Brian 2 months ago

    Thanks Steve for organizing this! CVT shirt/hat points to Lori & Philip.

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