Kayak & A Hike: Pocahontas State Park (Kayak – 4 Miles, Day Hike – 5 Miles, Easy)

  1. Carole O. 10 months ago

    Darn missed it! If anyone backs out please let me know.

  2. Brian 9 months ago

    Well now that you’re a famous magazine writer, I guess you’re too big for CVT!! 😉

    • Carole O. 9 months ago

      My signature will cost you 20 trail bucks.

  3. DeeD 9 months ago

    I have to cancel, have to work on Saturday, hope someone can take the spot!

  4. Leigh S. 9 months ago

    Sorry to cancel just back from Iceland and I seem to have caught a cold in the cold rain and snow there. However, it was still pretty fun!

  5. Annie V. 9 months ago

    I can’t make it out this morning, have fun everyone!

  6. Dawn F. 9 months ago

    I have been fighting a cold for over a week; I thought I would feel better getting extra sleep last night and this morning. I am really going to miss this event.

  7. Adina 9 months ago

    Hey Steve-
    I am having major plumbing issues-like Niagara Falls in my bathroom so…will not be able to make it. Looks like it will be a great day for a kayak and a hike!

  8. Author
    Steve H. 9 months ago

    Hi all
    Sorry for those that could not make it
    thanks to all that did
    had a great time and pics posted

  9. Elizabeth 9 months ago

    Thank you Steve. Another great day!

  10. Philip L. 9 months ago

    Great day out today. Thanks all and thanks, Steve, for hosting.

  11. Brian 9 months ago

    Great pictures! Looks like you guys had fun – thanks for organizing this, Steve!

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