“IT” & “Annabelle: Creation” (Dinner/Movie Night)

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  1. Author
    Brian A. 9 months ago

    Lots of people are talking about this on Facebook, and the weather forecast looks great! I think it will sell out early. Gates open at 5:45pm…I suggest we be there by then. Does anybody want to carpool from Walmart, or do you want to meet there (Kim, Lindsey, Chris, Jose)?

    • KimE 9 months ago

      I would definitely like to carpool. Not so much for the good of the environment, but for the company after watching those scary movies!!!!!!

  2. Author
    Brian A. 9 months ago

    Haha…ok! I updated the description. “Carpoolers meet at the Short Pump Walmart at 5pm sharp. Otherwise meet at the drive-in when the gates open at 5:45pm.”

  3. Jose72 9 months ago

    I guess I forgot to sign up for updates and just saw this thread. I don’t mind carpooling but I was reading some on their website and it seems I will have to park in a different area since I have a full size pick up (white dot area?)
    Anyway, I didn’t see a carpool list posted but I was curious to see if anyone else has to park where I have to.
    Also, I have a Bluetooth speaker that can be set-up to an FM radio for better sound if we’re all sitting outside. Any ideas?

  4. Jose72 9 months ago

    Oh, also, the high for the day is supposed to be 72 and a low of 51 degrees so if you get cold easily, bring a blanket and socks I guess! Haha

  5. Author
    Brian A. 9 months ago

    A lot of us have trucks/SUVs, so we may all end up in that area. Either way, we can set up chairs together in front of one of the vehicles. (That’s what we have done before.) That’s another good reason to carpool…it will be easier to park together if we arrive together.

  6. LindseyBorgsmiller 9 months ago

    Carpooling for me 🙂 I haven’t been to a drive-in many, many years – can’t wait!

  7. Lori B. 9 months ago

    Tom and I will be at the carpool site as well and can bring a blue tooth speaker as well.

  8. David 9 months ago

    Hope you will do this again in the future….when my van is ready….

  9. Jose72 9 months ago

    Ok, awesome, I will be at the carpool spot as well. I can fit 4 in mine including me if anyone wants to ride.
    Anyone have a good suggestion on a radio app for iPhone to get the FM stations?

    • Will W. 9 months ago

      NextRadio will work for those with android phones. It’s free, and I tested it to make sure it works ok, so it gets my endorsement.

      As for iphone…. well, which iphone do you have?

      • Jose72 9 months ago

        I have the older iPhone 6. I downloaded Simple Radio and it got 4.5 stars so maybe that will work.

  10. Lori B. 9 months ago

    Brian, hylianux and I will meet you at the drive in. We can drag our chairs if need be to wherever you are. Bringing Bluetooth speaker.

  11. Jose72 9 months ago

    So, the original description above says that the gates open at 6:45 but I think Brian mentioned that they open at 5:45.
    Which is correct? If we are meeting in Short Pump Walmart at 5, I’m not going to make that time…

  12. Will W. 9 months ago

    Gates open at 6:30, but we’re trying to beat the rush, so we’re just getting there early. Bring a truck or van if you’d like to park near us… otherwise park wherever and then walk over to where we are.

  13. Author
    Brian A. 9 months ago

    Gates open at 5:30. You can meet us there, but you better hurry. They will sell out.

  14. Will W. 9 months ago

    According to the image on the site the gates open at 6:30 http://www.goochlanddriveintheater.com/images/IT_Annabelle_FB.png

  15. Will W. 9 months ago

    Hey guys, heads up, there’s a LOT of traffic right near the theater…,

  16. Will W. 9 months ago

    Like.., traffic JAM even… stopped traffic. You’ll be blowing whistlers and shooting confetti every time u move an inch…. that bad lol

  17. KimE 9 months ago

    Drive in is sold out!!!! Heading back to town…..

  18. Author
    Brian A. 9 months ago

    Sorry everyone! This was a first for the drive-in. We’ll try again another time.

    • Author
      Brian A. 9 months ago

      And because I’m such a nice guy, I’ll let you keep your points for tonight!

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