The Indian Golden Circle (Presentation/Dinner)

  1. Brian F. 1 year ago

    I’m so excited for you Zi!

    • Zi 1 year ago

      Thanks Brian, it was fun to be a tourist in India (a first for me) and I am looking forward to sharing my take on some of the truly mind-blowing places I got to visit. See you at REI!

  2. DianaB 1 year ago

    Regretfully- Jim and I can’t attend your presentation. Hoping to see you on the trail soon and hear some highlights of your trip.

  3. Philip L. 1 year ago

    My apologies for cancelling; unfortunately, I just can’t make it at this time. Hope the presentation goes well, Zi, and hope I can get to hear about your travel experience with you on a trail someday in the future.

  4. Nancy T. 1 year ago

    So very sorry to cancel as I was very much looking forward .. but my extenuating extremity circumstances has me with limited travel options.

  5. David 1 year ago

    Love India…from a distance…you bring it closer…Zi !!! Looking forward to this….a civilization that is much older than ours….and much more mature.

  6. KristenAllegood 1 year ago

    I hope that it is going great. My husband hasn’t made it home yet, so I’m stuck with the kid!

  7. Zi 1 year ago

    I really enjoyed sharing the pictures, the stories and the tips. Thanks to all that made the time to come listen and support me! And a special thanks to our beloved organizer Brian for encouraging me to do this. I love talking about India and especially loved sharing pictures of the place I was born in.
    If you need any additional info, please feel free to drop me a note.


    • Author
      Brian 1 year ago

      Thanks Zi for taking time to share your adventure with us – great job! Sounds like you inspired quite a few people to plan their own trips!

  8. Stephanie B. 1 year ago

    Very interesting and great pictures! I really enjoyed it. Thank you

  9. Betsy 1 year ago

    Thanks Zi. It was really interesting. I can’t wait to go.

  10. David 1 year ago

    Enjoyed it…Lisa enjoyed your comments and pics about the designs in the architecture. Thanks for taking time to do this… seems like travelling to India and relaxing on the south coast would not be as difficult as I thought…as long as it is not monsoon season!

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