Hightop Mountain Hike & Cosmic Tubing (Day Hike & Tubing, Challenging)

  1. Anne O. 3 months ago

    Hello! I would like to meet up with the group in the evening for the snow tubing (I have my ticket). Iā€™m not quite up for the hike these days!
    Thanks, Anne Oswald

  2. Anne O. 3 months ago

    I could meet for dinner before tubing:)

  3. Chris 3 months ago

    Joyce and I will not be making the hike but we are planning to meet for dinner and tubing. What time are you thinking to meet for dinner?

  4. Author
    Brian 3 months ago

    I am guessing around 5-5:30pm for dinner.

  5. Dawn F. 3 months ago

    Unfortunately Jeremy is not feeling well and I don’t feel like driving to/from the hike by myself (we were not going to go tubing).

  6. Anne O. 3 months ago

    On my way to Campfire Grill! ETA 5:30-5:40!

  7. Chris 3 months ago

    We are at the grill! Waiting at entrance

  8. Author
    Brian 3 months ago

    5:40pm for us

  9. Chris 3 months ago

    We put a name in for a table. Your timing should be about right based on wait times… Hopefully

  10. Author
    Brian 3 months ago

    Thanks everyone! Congrats Elizabeth, our CVT “Phrase that Pays” winner! CVT shirt points to Joyce, and I know I’m leaving out someone…please remind me.

  11. KimE 3 months ago

    Really fun, fun day!! Thanks carpool mates for keeping me on task, and thanks Anne for the coat! Ideal weather and group šŸ™‚

  12. Elizabeth 3 months ago

    Awesome group as always!

    I was sporting my CVT sweatshirt under my coat if it matters. šŸ˜ƒ

  13. JoyceFoster 3 months ago

    We had a great time! Thanks for organizing Brian!

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