Gappy Trails 2018: Mudhole Gap (Day Hike, 12-13 Miles, Strenuous)

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  1. CarterL 3 months ago

    Wait list please.

  2. Derek 2 months ago

    Would like to attend – Wait list please.

  3. DonnaL. 2 months ago

    one space opened

  4. Author
    Brian 2 months ago

    OK, I see a lot of speed hikers signed up for this! Note this is a MODERATE pace…we’re all going to be patient, follow the rules (leader & sweeper), wait at the intersections, enjoy the day, and not rush to get home, right??! 🙂

  5. Sara P. 2 months ago

    We got nothin’ but time Brian

  6. MervaY 2 months ago

    I have to cancel because I have to work. Sorry.

  7. Stewart 2 months ago

    How’s the weather looking for tomorrow?

  8. Author
    Brian 2 months ago

    What do you guys think about tomorrow? Rain chance is around 70%.

  9. LindseyBorgsmiller 2 months ago

    Sure wish we could switch it to Sunday- the weather looks so much better then!

  10. Sara P. 2 months ago

    Well … hiking in the rain would sure cut down on the number of mountain bikers we’d need to be aware of. Armchair analysis says it’s 70% chance of “showers” so it’s not like it’s calling for heavy rain at least. I don’t know, as a bike ride leader I like a good “100% chance of heavy rain” so I have no doubts. I’m game either way – at least we wouldn’t be biking in it.

  11. tlvickers 2 months ago

    I am not able to go Sunday but all for rescheduling. I’m on the fence about going tomorrow.

  12. BrendaB 2 months ago

    I’m ok with showers but heavy rain not so much. I’m ok with whatever decision.

  13. Elizabeth 2 months ago

    I’m not sure.

  14. KimE 2 months ago

    Because my last few outings have been soggy, I vote for rescheduling. However, if I am outvoted I will still go.
    However if we DO cancel, I hear Hereditary is a super good horror flick…

    • KimE 2 months ago

      But then again, no hiking means no apple house which is as devastating as not hiking

  15. Author
    Brian 2 months ago

    Thunderstorms are a possibility too. It doesn’t sound like anyone will be heartbroken if I reschedule, so let’s do that. It will be September before we have a weekend without an all-day event…maybe the mudhole will be dried out by then. 🙂 Standby for the new date…

  16. Stewart 2 months ago

    70 percent? Not sure I want a soggy hike. Mild preference to reschedule.

  17. tlvickers 3 weeks ago

    Have to cancel. I will be hiking in Asheville NC.

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