Gappy Trails 2017: White Rock Gap & Torry Ridge (Day Hike, 9-10 Miles, Strenuous)

  1. joanoberle 1 year ago

    sorry I have to cancel, I have been scheduled to work that day.

  2. Brian 1 year ago

    I have plans Saturday night and am worried we may not get back in time, so Kim is going to take over for me. That frees up a spot. Sorry to miss this…it’s one of my favorite hikes. Thanks Kim…Gappy Trails to all!

  3. KeithKersey 1 year ago

    Sorry to miss this one. I hope you all have fun.

  4. JoeGiasullo 1 year ago

    I’ll be taking the garnet express back to RVA after the hike and have room for 3 passengers. If anyone wants to get back likity split just let me know…..and remember…..the faster you go the slower you age.

  5. Elizabeth 1 year ago

    I need to get some things done at home on Sat, so I’m going to have to cancel. Have a great hike, y’all!

  6. MervaY 1 year ago

    Hi Joe, I may take the express back with you. Thanks.

  7. Jen123 1 year ago

    spot open

  8. NatalieBivens90 1 year ago

    Sorry guys I will not be attending, have fun!

  9. Jamie K. 1 year ago

    Sorry to cancel, still not over this darn cold!

  10. Carole O. 1 year ago

    Sorry to cancel. Minor surgery setback.Need to take it easy

  11. Lori 1 year ago

    I’m going to have to back out too. Sorry!!

  12. Karol 1 year ago

    Thanks Kim for the challenging hike and the vitamin C! Enjoyed meeting new people as well.

  13. JoeGiasullo 1 year ago

    I can’t feel my feet. is that normal?

  14. Author
    KimE 1 year ago

    Great hike everyone–thanks to Joe for sweeping 🙂

  15. MervaY 1 year ago

    Enjoyed the hike. Kim it was nice to see all of us together and in close range of each other throughout the whole hike. Joe, you need to soak your feet in some Epsom salt. Dennis you too, sorry we could not massage your feet.

  16. Brian 1 year ago

    Thanks Kim for filling in for me yesterday – sorry to have missed it!

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