CANCELLED – Gappy Trails 2017: Brown’s Gap/Jones Run/Doyle’s River (Day Hike, 8-10 Miles, Challenging)

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  1. MervaY 11 months ago

    Sorry I have to cancel going to the hike on Saturday.

  2. Author
    Brian 11 months ago

    What, nobody has mentioned the weather forecast for Saturday?? 🙂 Looks like whatever snow we get will stay east of the mountains and won’t impact roads, but let’s keep an eye on it.

  3. KimE 11 months ago

    SNOW HIKE!!!!!!!!

  4. Carole O. 11 months ago

    I don’t mind hiking in the snow but the roads probably won’t be good so I am backing out. Sorry.

  5. Leigh S. 11 months ago

    Sorry to cancel but I woke with the sniffles and don’t want to infect the rest of you and also need to baby myself in preparation for my up coming trip. I got about an inch of snow in Montpelier. I hope you guys have a great hike

  6. Author
    Brian 11 months ago

    What do the rest of you think? Want to wait and see what the roads look like in the morning?

  7. JoeGiasullo 11 months ago

    More concerned with the snow/ice covered rocks on the trail. Somwon gonna bust dey ass!!

  8. KimE 11 months ago

    Comment O’ the day /\

    • Carole O. 11 months ago

      Get those Crampons out!!!

      • JoeGiasullo 11 months ago

        I had to google that, not gonna lie. I didn’t know that was a thing……better idea. Let’s meet at Bar Louie in Short Pump Town Center for lunch and drinks then proceed to terrorize mall patrons with our drunken stupor and make some bad purchasing decisions.

  9. Author
    Brian 11 months ago

    Skyline Drive closing tonight at 8pm. Sorry folks…I’m thinking we’ll have to cancel…

    • KimE 11 months ago

      The Rangers made the decision for us- you are off the hook Brian!

  10. Steve H. 11 months ago

    For those that dont know
    Twitter feed is important to check for timely fire and snow related park closures

  11. MervaY 11 months ago

    Brian, I love looking at the snow falling on the screen. How clever!!!! I don’t need to look out the window anymore, I just steer at the screen.

  12. Author
    Brian 11 months ago

    Hike cancelled. I will refund everybody’s Trail Buck, but you can keep your points. Stay safe!

    • Chris M. 11 months ago

      The one time my truck would have been useful up in the hills. I was looking forward to it. Oh, well. next time.

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