Gappy Trails 2018: Brown’s Gap/Jones Run/Doyle’s River (Day Hike, 8-10 Miles, Challenging)

  1. KeithKersey 1 year ago

    Beautiful hike, sorry I can’t attend. I hope someone can take my spot.

  2. GregR 12 months ago

    I’d like to go if someone needs to cancel.

  3. JoyceFoster 12 months ago

    I am still recovering from an injury so I won’t be attending. I am cancelling my RSVP. Hopefully Greg or someone can take my spot.

  4. Ingrid 12 months ago

    Can I get on a waiting list for this hike????

    • Author
      Brian 12 months ago

      Hey Ingrid! I added you to the list since you have led hikes for us in the past. See you Saturday! šŸ™‚

  5. Klshort 12 months ago

    Hi , I hurt my back this past weekend and had to cancel. I hope someone else will be able to go in my spot.

  6. Author
    Brian 12 months ago

    Hey Greg – Can you change your avatar (upload a photo of yourself) when you have a moment? From the main menu, go to MEMBERS – MY CVT – MY PROFILE. Thanks!

  7. dawn 12 months ago

    Something came up and now I can’t attend on Saturday. Hoping someone from the wait list can pick up my spot! It is going to be a really nice day for January and it’s a great hike.

  8. Heidi 12 months ago

    I’d like to get back early. Is anyone else interested in doing so?

  9. Ingrid 12 months ago

    I’d like to get back early, too. I’ll probably leave as soon as we’re done with the hike.

  10. JoeGiasullo 12 months ago

    I’ll be driving the garnet express straight back to RVA in near record time if anyone is interested. I have room for 3 passengers.

  11. Ingrid 12 months ago

    May I reserve a seat in the garnet express?

  12. Author
    Brian 12 months ago

    Just to be clear…it’s fine if we don’t all go to dinner, but I don’t want faster hikers rushing back to the parking lot and leaving slower hikers behind because they need to be back in Richmond by a certain time. We need to stay together and hike as a group.

    • JoeGiasullo 12 months ago

      Roger that. I’ll be the last one back to the cars and the first one home.

    • Author
      Brian 12 months ago

      Cool…just making sure! I’ve had people show up on mountain hikes and tell me they have to be back early because they have a wedding to go to, plane to catch, etc. (Psst…might not be the best day for a hike!)

  13. Ingrid 12 months ago

    i have no intention of being fast!!!!!

  14. Ingrid 12 months ago

    I just don’t want to stay out too late because my dog will be home alone all day…she’s not a nice enough dog to bring along, but she’s still my baby.

    • Author
      Brian 12 months ago

      I would have thought the mayor of Ashland could afford a dogsitter! šŸ™‚

  15. Ingrid 12 months ago

    Not the Mayor!!!! Town Engineer…that’s why I can’t afford a dog sitter.

  16. Heidi 12 months ago

    Could I join you and Ingrid?

  17. Heidi 12 months ago

    Did my +1 get added? I don’t see it listed, and there are fewer than 20 on the list, but there are no spaces available. My guest would be riding with me – and Joe. Thanks for clarifying!

  18. Elizabeth 12 months ago

    Would anyone like to carpool from nothside/lakeside to shortpump? I am flexible about coming home fast or slow.

  19. Betsy 12 months ago

    Iā€™m going to meet at Browns gap parking lot as I am in Wintergreen. Looks like a great day for a winter hike!

  20. Lori 12 months ago

    Sounds good to me, Steve

  21. Jamie K. 12 months ago

    spot open

  22. Carole O. 12 months ago

    Joe do you have room for one more ?

  23. Author
    Brian 12 months ago

    I can drive. I’m flexible on stopping somewhere for dinner, but probably won’t stop at the winery unless folks really want to. Doesn’t look like they have much of a food menu.

  24. Elizabeth 12 months ago

    Greg, I sent you a message about riding together.

  25. Carole O. 12 months ago

    I will meet you at Brown’s Gap parking area by 9.

  26. Author
    Brian 12 months ago

    We’ll probably be at the Browns Gap parking lot at around 9:30-9:45am.

  27. Carole O. 12 months ago

    Okay, see you then!

  28. Carole O. 12 months ago

    Me again. I need to cancel unfortunately. Have fun!

  29. Author
    Brian 12 months ago

    A beautiful day for a hike, and a great group! Thanks everyone! Bonus points to Sherri (sweeper) and to Lori, Philip, and Joe for wearing CVT attire. Gappy trails!

  30. Ingrid 12 months ago

    Great hike! Great day! Thanks Brian, and great to see everybody!!

  31. Heidi 12 months ago

    Thanks, Bryan, for leading us on such a fun hike! It was great meeting everyone.

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