Floatzilla 2019

  1. Bill 3 months ago

    Anyone carpooling? Much rather not go myself.

  2. Bill 3 months ago

    Thanks Jamie – where is that exactly? I can either ride or drive…

  3. Karol 2 months ago

    Are we meeting at Gaskins park n ride at 9? Don’t want to miss the boat.😉 Thanks.

  4. Marybeth 1 month ago

    Sorry to cancel but not feeling up to it this year…I know you’ll have a great time!

  5. Author
    KimE 1 month ago

    Please note:. We will now be going at 10:30 am. This is 30 minutes earlier. Carpoolers meet at the park + ride at 8:30! Those meeting us in Scottsville, be there at 10am.

  6. Chris M. 1 month ago

    The meeting place is 45+ minutes in the opposite direction. I’ll see you all at the river!

  7. Author
    KimE 1 month ago

    Carpoolers see you tomorrow at 8:30 in the park & ride lot. If anyone want to pay early, you can call the outfitters at 434-286-4386 and do it by phone (this is optional).

  8. Bill 1 month ago

    Thanks Kim – looking forward to it!

  9. CateW 1 month ago

    Does anyone want to share a cooler tomorrow? I have a large one I can bring to share. Also, do we need to bring anything to tie it down to the tube?

  10. Author
    KimE 1 month ago

    Cate, I’d love to share a cooler. I have already paid for a cooler tube rental and if you want to share, my tube is all yours fo free!!

    • Author
      KimE 1 month ago

      My cooler is not that great so using yours would be awesome

      • CateW 1 month ago

        Great, I’ll bring the cooler and I’ll also pick up a bag of ice on my way in the morning! Do you recall if they have tie downs? I feel sure they do but just can’t recall for sure.

  11. Bill 1 month ago

    I have a very small lunch, can I “sneak” it into someone’s cooler?

    Also is there a good phone # to call if need be tomorrow morning? My phone doesn’t have a data plan so I won’t be able to see or comment here if something happens on the road (just in case).

  12. Bill 1 month ago


  13. Bill 1 month ago

    Thx Kim! Running very slightly behind but on my way now (I live King William) –

  14. Bill 1 month ago

    Great trip, thanks to our organizers and drivers, great to see/meet everyone! Who’s up for an encore before the year is out?

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