Floatzilla 2018: 4th of July Version!

  1. Jamie K. 9 months ago



  2. Lori 8 months ago

    Hoping a spot or two opens up. Would love to join you.

  3. Lori 8 months ago

    LOL,You can check your car keys in with the office for safe keeping while on the water (Brian)

  4. MelissaP 8 months ago

    Giving up my spot if anyone’s waiting!

  5. Annie V. 8 months ago

    I’m sorry to cancel so late, I was hoping to be better but I can’t be in the sun even while lazy tube floating.

  6. TimS. 8 months ago

    Are we meeting at 9 at the park and ride?

  7. Lori 8 months ago

    Kim. Tom and I will meet you there. If anyone on the Southside wants to ride with us, give a shout

    • Philip L. 8 months ago

      Thanks Lori. I live on the south side; have room for one more? Still got your address too.

      • Lori 8 months ago

        One spot left, just for you. 8:30. I told Sampson you were coming

        • Philip L. 8 months ago

          Great! Thank you, Lori. I’ll get to your house by 8:30; hopefully a few minutes earlier to say hi to the dogs. 🙂

  8. Elizabeth 8 months ago

    Hi Lori, I’ll ride with y’all if you still have room.

    • Lori 8 months ago

      Of course! Still have our address? We’re hoping to leave at 8:30

  9. Elizabeth 8 months ago

    I do still have your address and I’ll be there by 8:30.

    Thank you!

  10. NatalieBivens90 8 months ago

    Ok just to clarify, we have to be at the rafting place by 10:30? What time is our float

  11. Jamie K. 8 months ago

    I have a medium cooler that I can share with 1-2 other people. And I’m bringing rummy bears to share…

    • Author
      KimE 8 months ago

      I would love to share your cooler. I’ll buy the cooler tube rental!

  12. Marybeth 8 months ago

    I’ve vodka red white and blue gummies to share! Willing to o drive and Jamie still have cooler room?

  13. Jamie K. 8 months ago

    Marybeth – depends on how much space you need and how much Kim is bringing

  14. NatalieBivens90 8 months ago

    We have to take a 10 min detour . Currently in the parade! Will be there about 10:35

  15. Brian 8 months ago

    Thanks Kim for continuing the Floatzilla tradition! I saw more of Scottsville than anyone should ever see! 🙂

  16. Leigh S. 8 months ago

    Thanks to Kim for organizing. And thanks to everyone for making a great day on the river. Can’t wait for next year’s parade!

  17. arathikash 8 months ago

    Thank Kim for organizing! Floatzilla was fun and enjoyed being ‘part of the parade’ as well 🙂

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