Fleets Island (Paddling Trip)

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  1. Brian A. 10 months ago

    Thanks to Lori & Tom for helping to organize this trip!

  2. AnnieV 10 months ago

    I think I made it in!

  3. SteveH 10 months ago

    Meet you at put in.
    Only can rack up a single yak

  4. DianaB 10 months ago

    Rats – I am out of town – hate missing this paddle.

  5. Lori B. 10 months ago

    NOTE TO ALL: PLEASE bring bug spray. The kayak launch point will eat you alive if you do not have this. Once in the water, you’ll be fine. And don’t forget your pfd.

  6. Sonja 9 months ago

    Sorry to cancel. I hope this leaves enough time for someone to take my spot.

  7. Carole O. 9 months ago

    We will meet you all at Windmill Point. What time should we be there?

    • Author
      KimE 9 months ago

      I am going to defer this one to the experts on all things Fleets Island(Lori & Tom) 🙂

  8. Lori B. 9 months ago

    It takes about an hour and a half from the meetup spot to Windmill Point, Carole. So everyone should be there by about 10:30.

  9. Carole O. 9 months ago

    Thanks Lori!

  10. JoyceFoster 9 months ago

    I am sorry to miss this but I need to work this weekend. Hopefully, someone else can take my spot.

  11. Nancy T. 9 months ago

    I need to cancel my spot as I just realized that I am starting my class at VCU this week and I have made no teaching preparations. Plus I never bought that kayak! Thanks for those that offered for me to borrow.

  12. CateW 9 months ago

    My van is full so we’ll meet everyone at the kayak put in. Lori/Tom – since we’re doing the inner loop I’m assuming we’re putting in at the inner loop put in that’s on the right just before the marina? If we need to head to the marina instead, please let me know … my cell is 229-8901.

  13. Lori B. 9 months ago

    Yes, cate at the short boat put in. Kim, our vehicle is full too, we’ll meet you at the point. We’ve got annie. My phone number is 8045194062

  14. Carole O. 9 months ago

    We are. At a Sandy Beach area at the end of the road
    Is this the right place to launch?

  15. Author
    KimE 9 months ago

    Folks we don’t know where anyone is….we are at the end of the road by a beach…gonna launch here and paddle around.

  16. Author
    KimE 9 months ago

    Gorgeous day paddling and spending time on the beach with great folks. More dolphins today!!

  17. SteveH 9 months ago

    Great time all ! thx

  18. AnnieV 9 months ago

    Fantastc day! Sun, salt spray, dolphins AND the bestest kayak buddies! Thanks Lori n Tom for getting us out there, an ebry one for fun!

  19. Carole O. 9 months ago

    Thanks Lori & Tom for showing us this wonderful island. I know I would never have found it on my own. Can’t wait to go back for more beach fun! Great group !!

  20. CateW 9 months ago

    Thanks Tom, Lori & everyone for an awesome day on, and, in the water … Fleets is a true paddlers paradise! 🚣☀️🐬

  21. Brian A. 9 months ago

    Thanks again, Lori & Tom…extra points for both of you! Sounds like a great trip!

  22. Philip Leone 9 months ago

    Fun day out yesterday! Thanks everybody and thanks to our hosts, Lori & Tom.

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