Fleets Island (Paddling Trip)

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Saturday, 07/20/2019

9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Windmill Point

Join us for a bring-your-own-kayak paddle to the beaches of Chesapeake Bay. On this intermediate level trip, we will paddle the interior loop of the Little Oyster Creek water trail. Leaving from the Little Oyster creek canoe/kayak launch parking lot, we will paddle around the interior of Fleets Island to a beach where we will eat lunch and spend some time soaking up the sun and swimming in the Bay before heading back to the starting point.

The trip will involve 7.3 miles of paddling. PFDs and a whistle, bell or horn are required in each boat by the Dept of Game and Inland Fisheries.

Following the paddle, we will visit the Tiki Bar at the Fleets island Marina prior to heading back to Richmond.

For those driving directly to the kayak launch, please let us know so we do not wait for you at the meetup spot. 

Hope to see you for a relaxing afternoon on the water!

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  1. Kris 1 year ago

    I’ll drive directly to the kayak launch. Thanks for organizing this – looking forward to it!

  2. Brian 1 year ago

    Copied from last year. Fixed it.

  3. Karol 11 months ago

    Please put me on a waitlist if anyone cancels. I didn’t see this but would love to go. Went there last year and it was wonderful. Thanks. Karol

    • Author
      Lori 11 months ago

      Will do, Karol. Please subscribe to the comments, see below. I’ve opened the event up already to include an additional 5, but it would be rare for someone not to drop off last minute. Plan on joining us and stay tuned to your email.

  4. JoeGiasullo 11 months ago

    Punching out. Can’t paddle. 2 spots open.

  5. JoeGiasullo 11 months ago

    Still recovering from surgery. Not ready for a strenuous paddle. Was looking forward to it. I thought I would be ready but last weekend set me back a bit.

  6. Author
    Lori 11 months ago

    I’m out of the loop. Didn’t realize you had surgery, rest up, the summer isn’t over, plenty of paddle time left when you’re well.

  7. Karen Danforth 11 months ago

    I am bowing out, so a space is open! Have a great trip! See you in the future!

  8. Kris 11 months ago

    I won’t be able to make it so another space is available.

  9. DianaB 11 months ago

    So excited about this trip – been wanting to go for a long time now.

  10. Author
    Lori 11 months ago

    Greetings and Ahoy!
    The weather forecast for our trip Saturday is HOT! #HADES! No worries, it’s always cooler on the water and once we get to the beach, there should be a breeze and lots of time to soak in the bay. After our journey back, there’ the Tiki bar where we can indulge in some ice cold refreshments.

    Please let me know if you will be driving direct to the put in spot at Little Oyster Creek so we will not wait for you at the Target. The kayak launch is BEFORE the marina. Look for a small parking lot on your right just before you reach the marina and the bay. We will not be putting in at the bay.

    Don’t forget your sunscreen. Beach toys, floats, chairs and umbrellas if you so desire can be fun and enjoyable, too.

    PLEASE bring insect repellent. Little Oyster Creek is reknown for a gallery of insects that will introduce bites where you’ve never been bitten before. Once on the water, we will leave the bugs behind.

    If you should need to reach me, my cell is 804-519-4062.

  11. Karol 11 months ago

    If we drive directly to the kayak launch, what time should we be there? Unsure if everyone is meeting at target at 9 or windmill point at 9. For carpooling, would other drivers be able to transport our kayaks? Thanks. Karol

    • Author
      Lori 11 months ago

      leaving from Target, we should be at the launch no later than 11:00. Most folks can only carry one kayak. Philip, his guests, Diana and Cate have an arrangement already. Feel free to drive direct and meet us at the put in if you don’t plan to car pool. Just let me know.

      • Philip L. 11 months ago

        Thanks for the information, Lori.
        Cate, Diana, myself, and my 2 guests (+ a dog) will meet you at about 11:00 at the put in location at Windmill Point.
        Thanks. See you then!

  12. Jan 11 months ago

    I am driving direct. Another paddler gave me this tip: Freeze water in a gallon milk container or freezer bag and bring that with you. With that in the kayak between your feet will cool down the inside of your kayak helping a bit. Or buy a bag of ice.

    • Author
      Lori 11 months ago

      Thanks, Jan. Cold feet, warm heat. See you there!

  13. Nancy T. 11 months ago

    left my kayak in Canada last week .. maybe next time .. enjoy!

    • Author
      Lori 11 months ago

      Ih, darn. I was looking forward to seeing you. It’s been a while.

  14. KimE 11 months ago

    Hey Lori, I will meet at the put-in too 🙂 See you tomorrow- can’t wait!!!!!!!!

    • Author
      Lori 11 months ago

      Thanks, Kim. This leaves Lwigh and guest, and Karil. Leigh, Karol, will you be at the meetup or the put in?

  15. Karol 11 months ago

    I’ll meet you at the put-in

  16. Leigh S. 11 months ago

    Just for the record MJ and I will meet at the Putin by 11am.

  17. Steve H. 11 months ago

    thanks Lori for organizing
    always a great outing!!

  18. Karol 11 months ago

    Thanks Lori and everyone for a great day!

  19. DianaB 11 months ago

    Thanks Lori for hosting this event – it was a fun paddle and a perfect way to cool off. I enjoyed our circle time in the water and later our Tiki Bar refreshments and conversations.

  20. Elizabeth 11 months ago

    Thank you Lori and Tom for another wonderful day on the water with, as always, a great group of people!!!

  21. Philip L. 11 months ago

    Thanks Lori and Tom for organizing, and everyone for the fun day out.

  22. KimE 11 months ago

    Was a hot one but so worth it- beautiful scenery, great people, and that relaxing water 🙂 Thank you Tom and Lori for leading us!!!!

  23. CateW 11 months ago

    An awesome day – thanks everyone and especially Lori, Tom & Minnie for organizing/hosting! Paddling + playing with pups is the best!

  24. CateW 11 months ago

    Puppy pictures posted! ?

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