Firefly Foray at The Wetlands

  1. Elizabeth 6 months ago

    Yeah! This is magical.

    Great photo!

  2. Kathryn 6 months ago

    I’m not certain if I signed up correctly, but my intention is to join you for dinner and tour. – K

  3. Author
    Brian 6 months ago

    You’re fine, Kathryn. No more spots available for dinner at this point. It will have to be “tour only” for anyone else who signs up.

  4. Adina 4 months ago

    Won’t be able to make it. Have fun guys. Pic looks rad.

  5. Author
    Brian 4 months ago

    For those coming to dinner, I made a reservation for 7:15pm. For the others, we’ll look for you in the parking lot at around 8:30pm.

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