Dolly Sods (Backpacking Trip)

  1. DonnaL. 7 months ago

    Waitlist, please.

  2. Carole 6 months ago

    Waitlist also.

  3. Marsha 5 months ago

    2 spots open

  4. Philip L. 5 months ago


  5. Philip L. 4 months ago

    I decided to pass on this. Spots open.

  6. Author
    Keith H. 4 months ago

    If anybody needs any gear, please let me know as I have a considerable quantity of gear that you can borrow

  7. LindseyBorgsmiller 3 months ago

    Got called into work 🙁

  8. Jason Carlton 3 months ago

    My dog had ACL surgery, so I have to bail to care for her recovery. Sorry it’s so last minute! Y’all have fun!

  9. KimE 3 months ago

    Keith + Sherry – thanks for organizing this trip. I got done with my move but still have some work to do getting situated. I can swing a day hike, but can’t be away for the whole weekend.

  10. Jen 3 months ago

    Exactly what Kim said! I didn’t move but I have a lot on my plate right now and can’t be away for a whole weekend.

  11. MaryJo 3 months ago

    Where are we meeting tomorrow?

  12. Steve H. 3 months ago

    Thanks Keith and Sherri for organizing and driving – AMAZING TRIP!!

  13. MaryJo 3 months ago

    Ditto on what Steve said. I’m so glad I got to share the special area with the three of you.

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