Devils & Dinosaurs (Day Hike/Roadside Attraction, 9 Miles, Challenging)

  1. Marsha 10 months ago

    What a great idea!

    • KimE 10 months ago

      Wherever would we have found such a place??? Soo this means you have to come!!!

      • Author
        Brian 10 months ago

        Wait, I thought this was Jamie K’s brainchild!

        • KimE 10 months ago

          I believe both of them alerted us to the glories of civil war dinosaurs!

          • Jamie K. 10 months ago

            But who was first???

  2. Author
    Brian 10 months ago

    Now ladies, don’t fight! But if you must, be sure to use living dinosaurs as your weapons!

  3. Leigh S. 10 months ago

    zounds! that was a quick fill up.
    I will be returning from travels on 10/31 not sure I can monitor the drop outs but I’d love to go if space becomes available.

    • Author
      Brian 10 months ago

      Sometimes we make exceptions for organizers, Leigh! 🙂 I added you to the list.

  4. KarenWIlder 10 months ago


  5. Leigh S. 9 months ago

    I see this is two days after I return from the Himalayas so who knows what time zone I’ll be in. Gonna cancel hope someone can go in my stead.

  6. Dawn F. 8 months ago

    Unfortunately, I cannot go on this hike; I am going away for the weekend with my mom.

  7. Stewart 8 months ago

    This does look interesting; I will add myself to the wait list.

  8. ShortAmanda 7 months ago

    Thank you! Woohoo!

  9. JoeGiasullo 7 months ago

    spot open

  10. jayh 7 months ago

    I’m In! Woo-hoo!

  11. WallyMarie 7 months ago

    Sorry, I am not going to make it. I made to schedule a medical procedure on Friday and don’t think that I will be up for a long hike on Saturday.

  12. KarenWIlder 7 months ago

    Hi All! Per ususal, can anyone carpool from downtown to the meetup spot? Pretty please?

    • jayh 7 months ago

      Karen, I’m coming from Rocketts Landing, does that work?

      • KarenWIlder 7 months ago

        That would be great – I’m at 6th and Grace so shouldn’t be too far out of your way. My number is 615-975-5732. Feel free to text/call to make arrangements. Thanks so much!

  13. JoyceFoster 7 months ago

    Sorry to miss this but cancelled my 2 spots. Hope you guys have fun!

  14. Steve H. 7 months ago

    awesome hike – great to be back in the good ole VA mountains
    I took no pics so hope folks post some
    Here is one contribution (not mine) but very interesting in context
    thanks Brian for hosting

  15. Author
    Brian 7 months ago

    Thanks for joining me for a perfect fall day! Phrase that Pays points to Amanda…CVT shirt/hat points to Amanda, Dawn, and Lindsey (who am I leaving out??)…Sweeper points to Brenda. Forgot to take my good camera.

  16. jayh 7 months ago

    Thanks again for ordering up a beautiful day for hiking. Great trip!

  17. CateW 7 months ago

    A perfect fall day – thank you, Brian!

  18. Stewart 7 months ago

    An absolutely amazing autumn hike. Thanks for organizing, Brian!

  19. KarenWIlder 6 months ago

    That’s a new favorite hike for me and loved the company! Thanks Brian for organizing it. Let’s definitely go back in the spring to do the ghost tour with that crazy guy!

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