CVT Putt-Putt Challenge 2020: Winter “Hotel Greene” Edition (Brunch, Mini-Golf & Optional Hike)

  1. Lori 1 month ago

    Yay, I’ve been wanting to check this place out.

  2. KimE 1 month ago

    You had me at Connie + John!

  3. Gari 1 month ago

    Aw, do you have room for 3 more?

    • Author
      Brian 1 month ago

      Three??! LOL, you’re killing me here! I’m a little concerned as to whether they can accommodate a group that large. They can split us into teams for mini-golf but not sure about how busy they are for brunch. Maybe we can have a second group meet at a later time?

      • Gari 1 month ago

        No worries. I hoped to introduce a potential new Trailblazer to you wonderful folks. Guess we’ll take a separate tee time and hope to see you out on the links. Happy Putting, CVT!

  4. joanoberle 1 month ago

    Would like to waitlist

  5. moiracroghan 1 month ago

    I’ve been waiting to see if anyone cancels….

  6. Author
    Brian 1 month ago

    Sounds like there’s enough interest for a second event on a different date, but I’ll wait on scheduling it until I see how it goes on Sunday.

  7. Ron 1 month ago

    I am not sure where the Belle Isle parking lot near Tredegar is? To get there; do you head south on 5th Street down the hill to Tredegar Street. Turn right, pass the museums at Tredegar, and look for the Belle Isle parking lot on the right. There is an upper lot (paved) and a lower dirt parking area under the train trestle. Meet at the upper lot (paved) lot. Is this correct?

    • Author
      Brian 1 month ago

      Yes, that’s it. The lower section is closed off but the upper paved lot is open.

  8. MaryJo 1 month ago

    Please put me on the waitlist.

  9. Lori 1 month ago

    I see there is an event at Hotel Greene this Sunday. Brunch with Margarita and the Maracas (whoever they are) at Hotel Greene Do we have reservations for brunch and tee time?

    • Author
      Brian 1 month ago

      I was told they do not take reservations for Sunday brunch or tee times. We should be fine.

  10. Author
    Brian 4 weeks ago

    Thanks Kim for hosting this for me today! Sorry I couldn’t make it…I’m sure you all heard the news. I challenge the winner to a playoff!

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