April 12, 2024

CVT Garage Sale

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Saturday, 08/26/2017

7:30 am - 2:00 pm

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Greetings Trailblazers-

In the spirit of simplifying our lives, and maybe making a little cash, we are going to have a group garage sale!! Brian has graciously offered up his palatial garage and lives in a pretty well trafficked area in the affluent West End, so hopefully we’ll get a lot of business! We’ll do some advertising and neighborhood sign posting.

Anyone is welcome to come and set up a spot, but you do need to sign up so we know to expect you. So start sifting through all that junk so you can sell it and buy more gear!!! Also, if you have any “big ticket” items that you would like mentioned in any ads, please indicate that in a comment.

We will have some snacks and drinks for those participating. If anyone has kids that would like to set up a lemonade stand, that would be great as well- it will probably sell like hotcakes on a hot August day!!!

I have a small table or two that we can use to display our fabulous wares (does not have to be hiking equipment)–if anyone else can bring a table or maybe blankets or ground coverings to put stuff on that would be great as well. Sign up now to claim your spot!!

As we get closer to the sale date, the address and other logistics will be sent out to those who are participating.

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