CVT Flash Event: Downtown Hike Featuring Belle Isle Bridge, T-Pot, Brown’s Island, Pipeline, Floodwall, & More (Local Hike, 5 Miles, Easy)

  1. Chris M. 6 months ago

    meet at legends at 10am? also, the day won’t warm up. the high of 43 is at midnight, with predicted 21 low the rest of the day.

    perfect weather!

  2. Chris M. 6 months ago

    ignore me. I thought this was saturday. sunday is 35 low, 46 high. still bikini weather.

  3. ReiSugaya 6 months ago

    I am waitlisted if any space available?

  4. Jonniestone 6 months ago

    If anyone wants a spot, I don’t think my +1 will make it today. It’s yours.

  5. MariluzGiasullo 6 months ago

    Spot open

  6. Chris M. 6 months ago

    I signed up for two as well. However +1 injured herself at soccer last night. Good news for Joe, I’ll be solo.

    someone can use the extra spot, rent free. just show up.

  7. ReiSugaya 6 months ago

    I got one spot. Thanks!

  8. Brian 6 months ago

    Thanks Joe for leading the hike! CVT shirt/hat points to Joe & Chris.

  9. Author
    JoeGiasullo 6 months ago

    Thanks everyone for making the event a great success. Extra points to Chris for reciting the phrase that pays with such enthusiasm. See y’all soon.

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