CVT Beach Week III: All Tuck’d Inn

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  1. AnnieV 4 months ago

    I want a ground floor twin, will find someone to share. It won’t let me pay with paypal!!! what up?

  2. AnnieV 4 months ago

    Hey Lori, I signed up for a twin room, NOT pyramid bunks! lol gotta get that straight.

  3. Carol A. 4 months ago

    Looking forward to this event, are there any pictures of this property?

  4. jacknorth 3 months ago

    Yea!! I did it! Didn’t think I was going through all the “Pay-Pal” steps correctly to purchase the Trail Bucks, but low & behold, I did it! Maybe I should consider becoming an “I.T.” professional now that I’m retired!! After all, I can pay using PAY-PAL! (yeah…right)
    Anyway, …looking forward to seeing you all again and meeting the new folks.
    Thanks Lori and all the other organizers for all their work!!!

    • Author
      Lori B. 3 months ago

      That’s great! 2 for the price of 1. We’re getting Jack AND his shirt!

  5. jacknorth 3 months ago

    YEAH BOY!!! ….and we both can’t wait!

  6. AnnieV 3 months ago

    Yeah Jack! Lori found us perfect digs for this year!

  7. jacknorth 3 months ago

    Yeah, a nice change of pace. Looking forward to doing some Kayaking in the sound. I wonder if we need our own life jacket? Do you know Lori?

  8. Author
    Lori B. 3 months ago

    Yes, most definitely life jackets are required. It’s a coast guard requirement. I never leave home without one. Even in the calmest of waters, accidents can’t happen. It’s best to always be prepared. I have an extra or two if needed.

  9. jacknorth 3 months ago

    I meant to ask if the life jackets were at the house, or should we bring along are own.

  10. jacknorth 3 months ago

    Thanks Lori, but I think I’ll just bring one with me.

  11. Carol A. 3 months ago

    Either alone or with friend not sure yet

  12. Author
    Lori B. 3 months ago

    The agency tells me that life jackets are available on the property and that they are required for children under the age of 14

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