CVT Beach Week III: All Tuck’d Inn

  1. Annie V. 1 year ago

    I want a ground floor twin, will find someone to share. It won’t let me pay with paypal!!! what up?

  2. Annie V. 1 year ago

    Hey Lori, I signed up for a twin room, NOT pyramid bunks! lol gotta get that straight.

  3. Carol A. 1 year ago

    Looking forward to this event, are there any pictures of this property?

  4. jacknorth 12 months ago

    Yea!! I did it! Didn’t think I was going through all the “Pay-Pal” steps correctly to purchase the Trail Bucks, but low & behold, I did it! Maybe I should consider becoming an “I.T.” professional now that I’m retired!! After all, I can pay using PAY-PAL! (yeah…right)
    Anyway, …looking forward to seeing you all again and meeting the new folks.
    Thanks Lori and all the other organizers for all their work!!!

    • Author
      Lori 11 months ago

      That’s great! 2 for the price of 1. We’re getting Jack AND his shirt!

  5. jacknorth 11 months ago

    YEAH BOY!!! ….and we both can’t wait!

  6. Annie V. 11 months ago

    Yeah Jack! Lori found us perfect digs for this year!

  7. jacknorth 11 months ago

    Yeah, a nice change of pace. Looking forward to doing some Kayaking in the sound. I wonder if we need our own life jacket? Do you know Lori?

  8. Author
    Lori 11 months ago

    Yes, most definitely life jackets are required. It’s a coast guard requirement. I never leave home without one. Even in the calmest of waters, accidents can’t happen. It’s best to always be prepared. I have an extra or two if needed.

  9. jacknorth 11 months ago

    I meant to ask if the life jackets were at the house, or should we bring along are own.

  10. jacknorth 11 months ago

    Thanks Lori, but I think I’ll just bring one with me.

  11. Carol A. 11 months ago

    Either alone or with friend not sure yet

  12. Author
    Lori 11 months ago

    The agency tells me that life jackets are available on the property and that they are required for children under the age of 14

  13. Author
    Lori 6 months ago

    Beachgoers!! Still a few months away, but for those of you in single Kings who don’t mind sharing and want a fuller house, reach out to friends, family and other CVT members, by posting here, to share the cost and room with. The more the merrier. Please let me know if you plan to share a room with others so they may be included on future communications.

  14. Carol A. 5 months ago

    Does anyone want my king bedroom its 450.00 don’t really know anyone or how to go about finding a taker. Please let me know thanks Carol. 804 855 8587

  15. Author
    Lori 3 months ago

    Greetings everyone! OBX was spared the worst of the storms and soon we’ll be on our way. Check in time at our Inn is at 4:00. It may be sooner if the cleaning crew finishes early. If you’re planning on spending the day at OBX before check in, I can text you if we can enter earlier. A recap on room assignments:

    Jack: Sofa couch, den (Jack, do you have an air mattress, just in case? I can bring a queen for you if needed)
    Annie: Twin room
    Dee: Trundle room
    Carol: King room, mid floor, front of house
    Gari: King room, mid floor, back of house
    Anne: King room, mid floor, back of house
    Lori: King room, top floor, back of house

    Most of us like to gather in the evening for party game night after dinner. Gather up your favorites, bring them along and join in the fun! Don’t forget we have our own theater. Movie suggestions, anyone? We will plan one trip via Tom’s truck to roll out and find some wild horses and of course the water awaits our kayaks and fishies and crabs await our hooks and nets!

    This is going to be fantastic!!! Let me know if you have any questions. See ya’ll at the beach!


  16. Annie V. 3 months ago

    One more week to go!!! I’m so excited!

  17. Brian 3 months ago

    You guys have a great time at the beach! Sorry I won’t be joining you this year. Take lots of pictures. Jack, keep an eye on your shirts!

  18. Annie V. 3 months ago

    I had a great time eveyone!!!! Abby says thank you for putting the bones in the bag~Chomp chomp~

  19. Brian 3 months ago

    Thanks Lori & Tom for organizing the trip! CVT shirt/hat points to Lori, Tom, Annie, Gari, and Dee.

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