CVT Annual Holiday Party & Potluck

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  1. Marybeth 1 year ago

    Carole, let me know what I can do

  2. Author
    Annie V. 1 year ago

    Yay! Christmas Carole!!!

  3. DianaB 1 year ago

    I am your elf too – Carole!

  4. BillPrice 1 year ago

    I’m going to try to be there this year. This is one of the busiest times of the year at work and Saturday is the busiest day of the week and they are reluctant to let me have off. We’ll see. I might be able to attend for a couple hours anyway.

  5. DeLayne 1 year ago

    You can put me down for helping again this year, Carole :))

  6. markpalace 1 year ago

    Looking forward to this!

  7. Carole O. 12 months ago

    Thanks Annie for taking over this year. I know it will be the best party ever! I would like to help with the preparations so PLEASE let me know if I can help with decorations etc.
    We will be there in spirit but someone has to be at Santa’s Costa Rican headquarters & Eric & I must be there:)

    • Author
      Annie V. 12 months ago

      Carole, I have no plans to change anything! You’ve been the best Christmas Carole! Too bad you and Eric have to go off to Costa Rica….lol

  8. Author
    Annie V. 12 months ago

    I’m posting on the forum about the planning/decorating meeting!

  9. Jen123 12 months ago

    I’m not able to attend the meeting but I can help the day of the party with anything, at any time. Jest let me know when and where!

  10. CharlieSmigo 11 months ago

    Had to cancel. Family conflict. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

  11. Wolf 11 months ago

    I will be at Quantico laying wreaths on Marine graves with my dad that day. Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and have fun!

  12. BillPrice 11 months ago

    Guys, I have to cancel. Need to work.

  13. Dennis 11 months ago

    I can’t make due to a new conflict.

  14. Marybeth 11 months ago

    Sorry to cancel on such short notice, but I was hoping I’d wake up and feel better, but I am not feeling better and do not want to spread this cold on to my friends. Merry Christmas everyone!

  15. GeorgeT3rd 11 months ago

    Have a last-minute conflict and can’t make it. Hope everyone has a great time. George

  16. Bill 11 months ago

    My apologies for the timing, I thought I’d done this earlier, but cannot make. Happy and safe holidays to all

  17. KimE 11 months ago

    Another CVT holiday party in the annals of history…thanks to everyone for making my Dad feel welcome, he had a great time! Amazing food, lots of laughs, and so good to enjoy some off-trail time with everyone. Thank you to all involved in the planning and execution…special thanks to Annie for being our fearless leader and taskmaster, to Brenda for loaning us her spectacular decorating talents, and to Sara for organizing all of the food. And of course thank you to Brian and his firestarting abilities, as well as for being the best dang head honcho this side of Bucktooth Gap. And for all of those who weren’t able to join us, Nancy Parker-Tickle has a very special book to tell you about! -Xoxo

  18. Author
    Annie V. 11 months ago

    Another wonderful CVT party!!
    Thank you ALL for the yummy dishes and treats, CVT’s know how to do food!
    Thank you BrendaB for the magical decorating, it was festive…
    Thank you KimE for the Door prizes and White Elephant fun…
    Thank you SaraL for setting the Buffet to perfection…
    Thank you all the helpers to put up and take down, and clean up like Cat in the Hat!
    and Thank you all who weren’t feeling well and stayed home so not to share the germs!
    ( hope you are feeling better soon!)
    That’s 7 days of Thank you’s to get us thru till Christmas 😉

  19. JoeGiasullo 11 months ago

    Thanks for the hat; but the lottery scratch offs appear to be broken.

  20. Brian 11 months ago

    Many thanks to Angelic Annie and her elves for carrying on this CVT holiday tradition in Christmas Carole’s absence – great job! And thanks to those who contributed to the donation box or helped out with the cleanup after the party. Lots of laughs and great food as always. Happy holidays!

  21. Brian 11 months ago

    Oh, and let me know if you won any Trail Bucks so I can give you credit here on our wonderful website! Dawn and Jamie, I already have you two covered.

  22. DianaB 11 months ago

    Thanks Annie and the “Good” Elves for organizing this fun holiday event. So great seeing you all and sharing a festive afternoon.

  23. DeLayne 11 months ago

    Thanks Annie, Kim and everyone who helped with the Christmas Party event! It was great to see everyone, and lots of fun! Wishing ALL a Happy Holiday!! 🙂

  24. CateW 11 months ago

    Thank you Angelic Annie and everyone who helped to pull off another fun and festive holiday gathering! Party pictures are posted! (not sure why but they uploaded in reverse order) Happy Holidays & Happy Trails!!

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