May 23, 2024

Cumberland Island Pre-Trip Meeting

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Tuesday, 01/23/2018

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Panera Bread - Ridge Shopping Center

This is for the folks going to Cumberland Island in March. We will be meeting to plan logistics (carpool, activities, etc) and to check in and make sure everyone has their ferry and hotel arrangements. We will also discuss what we want to do about meals on the island (group or not or a combination of both).

Answering Jamie’s question in the comments-we will be able to purchase ice when the ferry comes daily.

Also Steve mentioned booking our tour of the island before they book up–I think that is a good idea and maybe something we want to do before the meeting since the tours allow a limited number of participants. Monday sounds like a great idea to me! To buy your ticket for a tour go to The cost is $45.00.

I will have a packet for everybody that has directions and some other details and information about the trip.

No Trail Bucks needed to RSVP for this.  🙂

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