Cold Mountain/Mt. Pleasant (Backpacking, Moderate)

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  1. Jen 10 months ago

    Waitlist please!

  2. Carole 10 months ago

    Have to cancel. I know someone will be happy to have my space.

  3. Author
    JoeGiasullo 10 months ago

    Almost game time peeps. Weather looks perfect so we are go for launch. Address for meetup is:

    1535 Westshire Lane
    Henrico, VA

    It’s just of Lauderdale, about a mile south of Broad street and a half mile north of Patterson.

    We are 14 hikers at this point, so 3 cars would work. My wife and I can take 2 additional riders. If you plan on driving please let me know. Also, remember that you need a high ground clearance to get to the trailhead.

  4. DonnaL. 10 months ago

    Sorry I have to cancel.

  5. Dennis 9 months ago

    I was really looking forward to this, but I have a conflict on Sunday and can’t make it.

  6. Kenneyc 9 months ago

    I can’t get my photos to post from iPhone. What am I doing wrong?
    They show up as ready but I don’t see an option to post.

  7. Kenneyc 9 months ago

    Never mind. Worked on iPad.

  8. BrendaB 9 months ago

    Beautiful, rain free weekend. Thanks for organizing Joe.

  9. Author
    JoeGiasullo 9 months ago

    Thanks to everyone who came out. Despite the bugs, heat, and near vertical climb; it was a good time.

  10. Elizabeth 9 months ago

    Great trip with great folks!

    Thank you everyone!

  11. Chris M. 9 months ago

    Still waiting for the one picture of me during my techni-color Yawning…..

    The fact we covered (depending on who you compare trackers with) 10 to just under 13 miles, we put some steps in without doing the second days hike. FYI, I got home, showered and crashed for 5 hours, then fell asleep during GoT finale.


  12. Brian 9 months ago

    Thanks for organizing, Joe! Bonus points to Gil, our CVT Phrase that Pays winner! And CVT shirt/hat bonus points to Chris.

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