Cold Mountain &/or Mt. Pleasant (Day Hike, 6-12 Miles, Challenging-to-Strenuous)

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  1. Jamie K. 1 month ago

    I’ll just do 1 hike. Leaning towards Mount Pleasant.

  2. KarenWIlder 1 month ago

    Sorry Derek – You picked the one weekend I can’t go. Enjoy!

  3. Author
    Derek 4 weeks ago


    Look forward to seeing everyone in the morning. Weather appears to be looking favorable with high temp in low 60’s but will be chiller when we get there to start. Please layer accordingly and still bring plenty of water.

    Since small turn out, I have a 4-wheel vehicle that can handle all. But with this we will need to decide to just do either Opt 1 or 2. There are a couple votes for Opt 2 – Mt Pleasant so if cool with all we will tackle it.

    However, if there is one or two that would like to do both I am still game. If we do this we will need to take two vehicles. Then we will all do Mt. Pleasant first then several will head back and others tackle Cold Mtn.


    • Jamie K. 4 weeks ago

      I might take my car – I believe it’s handled that terrain before. Y’all are much faster hikers than I am.

  4. Chris M. 4 weeks ago

    Since I’m OCD and have to drive, i’ll run my truck up. With the threat of rain (that will be gone long before we get to the trail) I’m hoping it’s fairly empty in the parking lot there.

  5. Dawn F. 4 weeks ago

    Unfortunately, I did not sleep very well, so I won’t be able to do this hike.

  6. Chris M. 4 weeks ago

    Derek, Stewarr, Dawn

    I’ll meet you all at the Mt. Pleasant trail head. The meet up is 45 minutes north of me. So I’d have to back track.

  7. Author
    Derek 4 weeks ago

    Chris M,

    OK – Stewart and I will meet you at the trailhead

  8. Chris M. 4 weeks ago

    Was a good run. Apparently, for those not in the grand canyon or Va Beach, it was mount plesant weekend for the Trailblazers.

  9. Stewart 4 weeks ago

    Derek, thanks for organizing this hike. I had a great time; it was as close to a perfect autumn hike as you can get. (Slight subtraction for the leaves not quite having turned yet). Chris, great to see you again. Hope to see both of you on the trails again very soon! (And a shout-out to Lindsay and Adam–the CVT influence is slowly spreading. We can be found everywhere that there are beautiful trails, lol).

  10. Author
    Derek 4 weeks ago

    Great hike guys!! What a perfect day on two mountain tops. It was nice running into Adam and his daughter and having them hike along on both trails. Not to mention both of their four legged friends – what great companions. Also nice seeing Lindsay at the end of Mt. Pleasant and on our way to Cold Mountain. I have posted some additional photos. Stewart – thanks for deciding to do both mountain tops today. Look forward to future hikes.

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