May 23, 2024


  • Open To All
  • White Blaze Trail Daze

    A year-long series of “shuttle” hikes along the section of the Appalachian Trail that passes through Shenandoah National Park. See how many you can cross off your bucket list!

  • Cap-To-Cap Challenge

    The Virginia Capital Trail is a dedicated, paved pedestrian and bicycle trail that connects the Commonwealth’s past and present capitals of Jamestown and Richmond along the Scenic Route 5 corridor. In this series of five “shuttle” hikes, we will explore the entire 52-mile trail, its four jurisdictions, and more than 400 years of history.

  • Shenandoah Samplers

    An occasional series of day trips in which we cruise a section of Skyline Drive and stop to tackle several of shorter, easier trails along the way. Each sampler features a different section of the park (North, Central, or South). A great introduction to mountain hiking.

  • Public Events

    These could be movies, outdoor concerts, festivals, fairs, charity events, etc. Anything that is open to the public and not organized by CVT.

  • Holidays

    Examples of holiday CVT events include our annual Tacky Lights walk before Christmas, our haunted trail events around Halloween, and three-day camping trips during Memorial Day or Labor Day weekends.

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  • Class/Presentation
  • Meetings
  • Local Hikes

    These are hikes that take place in parks, neighborhoods or streets in or around the Richmond area.

  • Shenandoah Classics

    As the name implies, this is an ongoing series of popular day hikes within the borders of Shenandoah National Park.  The series includes Old Rag, Riprap Hollow, White Oak Canyon, Mary’s Rock, and many others.

  • Wintergreen Dreamz

    A series of day hikes in and around the popular ski resort.

  • Modest Ambles

    Sometimes we want to hike in the woods, but don’t want to drive 2+ hours. Sometimes we don’t want to get up early. This is a series of hikes that are not too far and not too close; not too long and not too short.

  • A Fistful Of Hollers

    Each year, tourists flock to Virginia for its sandy beaches, majestic mountains, and historical landmarks…but outdoorsy types like us know our greatest treasure is actually our vast collection of rocky, picturesque hollers! With this in mind, CVT is proud to present a yearlong tour of the many magnificent hollers of Virginia!

  • Long Flat Hikes

    This series of hikes focuses more on distance and building up a little speed rather than elevation.

  • Little Bites of A.T. Hikes

    This is a series of hikes for those that want to chalk off the 100 or so miles of the A.T. in Shenandoah National Park but are just not up for 10-12 miles at a time and want to keep going through the summer. These are half sized chunks, shuttle hikes, and the pace will be close to 1.5 mph and even less on uphills. I will match the group’s pace to that of the sweeper. Take note that this is way slower pace than any other hike series CVT does.

  • Blue Sky Hike For Kids
  • Blaze 'N The Hood

    This series of local, beginner hikes feature some of the classic neighborhoods in Richmond and the surrounding suburbs. Some will be familiar to veteran Trailblazers; others we will be exploring for the first time.  Members are encouraged to come up with their own neighborhood hikes.

  • Challenging

    Challenging hikes involve some rugged terrain and are often in remote locations.  Expect to spend several hours on the trail.  Elevation gain is typically less than 1,000 feet and may be steep at times.  If you are looking to transition into mountain hiking, these hikes are a good place to start.  Hikers should be in good physical condition and wear proper attire.  A day pack with water, food, first aid supplies is strongly recommended.

  • Very Strenuous

    Hikes in this category are the toughest in Virginia.  These are long-distance hikes on rocky, mountainous terrain with extended sections of steep elevation gain that may exceed 2,000 feet.  Expect to get wet and dirty on stream crossings and rock scrambles.  Trails are in remote areas and may not be well marked or maintained.  Hikers should be experienced, in excellent physical condition, wear proper attire, and carry the necessary hiking gear.

  • Moderate

    Moderate hikes are a step up from easy, as they may include modest elevation change and some uneven terrain.  No experience or special gear needed, but hikers should be in reasonably good shape, wear proper attire, and bring water.

  • Strenuous

    Strenuous hikes usually involve rugged, mountainous terrain.  Expect to encounter steep elevation gains of 1,000-2,000 feet or more, stream crossings, and minor rock scrambles.  Hikers should be experienced, in good shape, wear proper hiking attire, be equipped with proper hiking gear, and prepared to get a workout.

  • Difficulty Levels - All
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