Carvins Cove Natural Reserve (Overnight Hike/Paddle)

  1. Marsha 1 month ago

    1 spot open

  2. Steve H. 3 weeks ago

    so here is an option since I heard there might be interest
    I plan to drive and am considering knock Mcafee knob off my list.
    Anyone interested for after the Sunday kayak @ the cove, will drive to trailhead for 8 mile out and back hike
    to the knob. So timing might be like this example:
    9-11 kayak (2 hour rentals)
    12 @ trailhead for 4 hour hike (assuming 2 mph)
    3 hour ride back to RVA with one hour dinner stop
    back ~ 8-9PM Sunday night

    Planning another event at some point to camp @ peaks of otter and do three days of day hikes
    tinker cliffs, dragons tooth, and sharp top/flat top

    • Brian 4 days ago

      I might be up for McAfee on Sunday. I’m extending the trip a couple of days and doing some other hikes in the area on Monday and Tuesday if anyone is interested. Otherwise I’ll have to drive separately. Gotta burn up some vacation days before the end of the year.

  3. Elizabeth 2 weeks ago

    Just booked my room – web site said it didn’t have very many rooms left.

    Just FYI.

    Maybe on the additional hike?

  4. Author
    Lori 3 days ago

    Hi, all, I know there’s been some talk about extending the trip. I will need to head back Sunday after paddling. Is everyone staying at the Day’s Inn? I thought we could lock down some times for group breakfast and a meetup time for the lake on Sunday.

    • Brian 3 days ago

      I’m at the Days Inn for Saturday and Sunday nights. Flexible on meeting times on Sunday. As for dinner on Saturday night, I’ll throw out a vote for The Homeplace.

      • Author
        Lori 3 days ago

        Oh, the homeplace is nice. We’ve been there with the group in the past. I recall quite a wait though, and it’s about 12 miles from the hotel. Not sure if they take reservations, but I’ll check tomorrow to see if that’s an option.

    • Steve H. 2 days ago

      staying 1 nite @ days inn
      they have free breakfast – I looked around and the only other close option is Micky Dees.
      I vote 9AM meet @ Kayak
      I have no pref on dinner

  5. Author
    Lori 2 days ago

    No, the Homeplace does not take reservations. I had originally mentioned going to Lews, which is 1.5 miles away Equally close is Aljandros Mexican Grill

  6. Elizabeth 2 days ago

    I’m at Days Inn – Saturday night.

    No preference — appreciate everyone else’s planning!

    Weather is looking great – yeah!

  7. CateW 2 days ago

    I’m also at the Days Inn – Saturday only. The Homeplace sounds good but I’m flexible.

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