Capital Steps: Trip 1 (Arlington National Cemetery to Holiday Market) ***CANCELED***

  1. Stewart 6 months ago

    Kim, when do you expect to arrive at Penn Quarter? And how long will be the interlude there?

  2. Angelia 6 months ago

    Had to cancel. Office Christmas Party the night before this hike. I know I won’t feel like getting up early on Sunday. I hope someone else can go.

  3. CindyH 6 months ago

    I can’t get anyone to work for me on this day and sadly have to cancel. Spot open

  4. Author
    KimE 5 months ago

    Keeping an eye on the forecast. A little snow might be fun. But, I also don’t want to have to endure a long, snow delayed drive home afterwards. I will continue to monitor- I hope to make a decision late Saturday or if the reports are still questionable, early on Sunday. Will definitely put safety at the forefront, but also encourage anyone who is not comfortable with going that there is no shame in cancelling 🙂 Leaning towards making this a go unless it’s way severe. -Kim

  5. JoeGiasullo 5 months ago

    I’m gonna bail. It’s way too cold for the misses.

  6. KristenAllegood 5 months ago

    I’m out. If there is nice snow in the snow in the morning I’ll doing some sledding with the kid before it turns icy!

  7. Karol 5 months ago

    Sorry to miss it but VDOT snow duty calls. Have fun. Drive safe.

  8. BeckyMiller 5 months ago

    Kim, I really appreciate you organizing this trip and it would be such fun, but I am a whim when it comes to the cold! Sorry! Hope to see you on the next adventure! Becky.

  9. Dawn F. 5 months ago

    Per channel 12, the roads will be treacherous in the afternoon and evening (if the forecast is correct). I really want to go tomorrow, but do not want to be on 95 in this weather due to the crazy way some people drive .

  10. Author
    KimE 5 months ago

    Boo!!! Cancelling due to snow- Sorry folks.

  11. Brian 5 months ago

    Refunds sent to everyone who RSVPd. Stay safe everyone!

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