Cap to Cap Challenge – Grand Finally!!! (Day Hike, 10 miles, Moderate)

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  1. Annie V. 12 months ago

    I’m hoping someone who missed the past leg will want to make that up with me. Let me know!

    • Nan S. 12 months ago

      Annie I would like to make up that last hike with you. Please do contact me.

      • Annie V. 12 months ago

        I think there a few more who missed the past leg, so lets see who pops up and we’ll fix a time.

        • Marybeth 12 months ago

          Annie I’d like to do the leg with you also since I missed it.

          • Annie V. 12 months ago

            Great Marybeth and Nan! I think there are few more who started this challenge with Kim that missed this leg. I can think of Carole, Nancy and Brenda. Anyone else?

          • Sonja Moore 12 months ago

            Marybeth, I’ve done all the legs so far but I’m up for a repeat. Just let me know.

    • Carole O. 12 months ago

      I’d like to join you if I am not busy already.

      • Nancy T. 12 months ago

        I did miss the third leg and would be up for completed it if I don’t have a conflict.

    • Nan S. 11 months ago

      Which day have you scheduled this hike for? A repeat of leg #4 of the Cap to Cap Challenge? I still want to go.

      • Annie V. 11 months ago

        Nan, I missed the 4 leg, I still want to make that up but have not scheduled a makeup date. This one goes past my cousin’s Kenny’s BRAND NEW house. I need to map it so if Kenny’s is a good lunch stop or bathroom break, we are welcome!

  2. Lori 12 months ago

    I’m looking for someone to do the first leg with me.

  3. Sonja Moore 12 months ago

    Although I didn’t miss any legs, I’m interested in repeating some, depending upon scheduling.

  4. Annie V. 12 months ago

    Ronnie’s BBQ!!!! That’s reason enough to repeat a hike!

  5. MervaY 12 months ago

    Lori, I am willing to to do the first leg with you. I know you can keep up with me or I can keep up with you. Let me know when and if that time fits into my schedule I will do it.

    • Lori 12 months ago

      that’s great, Merva! I may have to slow down a bit. My feet ached for 2 days after our last leg, but I was wearing running shoes instead of my regular hiking shoes. I might have this this weekend open…checking with the other’ins schedule, but then the rest of the month is booked. I have November pretty much wide open though. Let me know what works for you.

  6. MervaY 12 months ago

    I am going on the Hawksbill hike tomorrow so this weekend is out. I am free the weekend of November 4 and 5. Then we do the final leg the following weekend.

  7. Lori 12 months ago

    That weekend works for me as well. Either day. I’d like to start early, if we could. Anyone else want to join us?

    • Nan S. 12 months ago

      Yes, I would like to join if I may. I have nothing else planned for that weekend.

      • Lori 12 months ago

        Of course! Would love to have you.

        • Lori 12 months ago

          Saturday, November 4 at 9:00 a.m.? followed by Ronnie’s?

          • Nan S. 12 months ago

            Yes, Saturday Nov. 4th at 9:00 a.m. followed by Ronnie’s is fine with me!

      • Lori 12 months ago

        Saturday, November 4 at 9:00 a.m.? followed by Ronnie’s?

      • Carole O. 12 months ago

        I will be backpacking that weekend so it is out. Please have fun though!

  8. Steve H. 12 months ago

    so its to be neither ‘finally’ nor a finale!

  9. Lori 11 months ago

    Merva and I are determined to perform the first leg, this Saturday. Anyone else care to join us?

  10. Carole O. 11 months ago

    Coming after all, Yay!

  11. Sonja Moore 10 months ago

    Annie, I’ll bring the cot.

  12. KarenS 10 months ago

    I decided to spend yesterday and today painting my kitchen AND dining room. I had some pretty optimistic goals (i.e., getting it all done by tonight), but I am way behind! Guess I’ll be spending tomorrow painting trim instead of being in the mountains…. Oh, well……..

  13. Annie V. 10 months ago

    Abby and I are home! She’s ready to go some more, I an NOT! Thanks KIm for organizing

  14. Lori 10 months ago

    Finished! The End! I did it!!!! Where’s my t-shirt?? Final leg was very enjoyable compared to previous legs but all in all, I’m so proud of us and our bragging rights. Nice legs, Kim! Thank you.

  15. Author
    KimE 10 months ago

    All’s well that ends well!! Thanks everyone for the journey 😘

  16. MervaY 10 months ago

    I am having withdrawal symptoms already. I want to start all over. Lol. Kim thanks so much for leading us through 52.1 miles of this wonderful trail. Dinner, company and conversation was great. Annie nice to meet Abby. Hope to see you all on the trail soon. Have a fantastic week.

    • Author
      KimE 10 months ago

      Was Belle still alive when you got home or did she die of starvation and deprivation??

  17. MervaY 10 months ago

    Belle was having a piece of pumpkin bread. You see why she is now 20 lbs. Belle is living life to the fullest.

  18. Carole O. 10 months ago

    Thanks Kim for organizing this series of hikes. I had the honor of passing mile zero with you! Fun day with fantastic ladies!

  19. Annie V. 10 months ago

    I still have the 4th leg to make up!

    • Carole O. 10 months ago

      Me too Annie. It may be January before I have time though.

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