Cap to Cap Challenge – Grand Finally!!! (Day Hike, 10 miles, Moderate)

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  1. AnnieV 3 weeks ago

    I’m hoping someone who missed the past leg will want to make that up with me. Let me know!

    • Nan S. 3 weeks ago

      Annie I would like to make up that last hike with you. Please do contact me.

      • AnnieV 3 weeks ago

        I think there a few more who missed the past leg, so lets see who pops up and we’ll fix a time.

        • Marybeth 2 weeks ago

          Annie I’d like to do the leg with you also since I missed it.

          • AnnieV 2 weeks ago

            Great Marybeth and Nan! I think there are few more who started this challenge with Kim that missed this leg. I can think of Carole, Nancy and Brenda. Anyone else?

          • Sonja 2 weeks ago

            Marybeth, I’ve done all the legs so far but I’m up for a repeat. Just let me know.

    • Carole O. 2 weeks ago

      I’d like to join you if I am not busy already.

      • Nancy T. 2 weeks ago

        I did miss the third leg and would be up for completed it if I don’t have a conflict.

  2. Lori B. 3 weeks ago

    I’m looking for someone to do the first leg with me.

  3. Sonja 3 weeks ago

    Although I didn’t miss any legs, I’m interested in repeating some, depending upon scheduling.

  4. AnnieV 2 weeks ago

    Ronnie’s BBQ!!!! That’s reason enough to repeat a hike!

  5. MervaY 2 weeks ago

    Lori, I am willing to to do the first leg with you. I know you can keep up with me or I can keep up with you. Let me know when and if that time fits into my schedule I will do it.

    • Lori B. 2 weeks ago

      that’s great, Merva! I may have to slow down a bit. My feet ached for 2 days after our last leg, but I was wearing running shoes instead of my regular hiking shoes. I might have this this weekend open…checking with the other’ins schedule, but then the rest of the month is booked. I have November pretty much wide open though. Let me know what works for you.

  6. MervaY 2 weeks ago

    I am going on the Hawksbill hike tomorrow so this weekend is out. I am free the weekend of November 4 and 5. Then we do the final leg the following weekend.

  7. Lori B. 2 weeks ago

    That weekend works for me as well. Either day. I’d like to start early, if we could. Anyone else want to join us?

  8. SteveH 2 weeks ago

    so its to be neither ‘finally’ nor a finale!

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