Blue Blazes! Turkish Delight (Day Hike, 9-10 Miles, Strenuous)

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Saturday, 01/04/2020

8:00 am - 8:00 pm

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SNP - Turk Gap Parking Area

A Blue Blazes treat in the form of the three short Turk Mountain Trails:

Turk Mountain Trail (1.8 miles +/- 800 ft)

Turk Gap Trail (3.2 miles +/-1000 ft)

Turk Branch Trail (4.2 miles +/- 1000 ft)

A lot of up and down in this Turkish delight.  An excellent view on Turk mountain and a few water crossings on Turk Branch round out this adventure for everyone.

The return time is approximate.  If you have plans that require you to be back in Richmond at a specific time, please communicate this prior to carpooling with someone, or consider choosing a different hike. 

Optional stop for dinner on the way back if there is interest.

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  1. LindseyBorgsmiller 6 months ago

    Cold(ish) and rainy isn’t my favorite hiking weather, so I will be doing an anti-rain dance for the next day or so 😀

  2. Author
    Leigh S. 6 months ago

    Hello intrepid hikers,
    Saturday’s forecast looks like AM showers and in the 50s. What concerns me more is how much it rains Friday. That might make it a muddy slog. I’ll watch the weather tomorrow and make a decision by 6PM Friday to go or not.
    If you feel strongly either way post your thoughts.

  3. Paul S. 6 months ago

    The Mrs and I are up for it as long as Saturday not a total washout. But if it’s just the 2 of us and Leigh , we wouldn’t be able to keep up ?. Happy to reassess in 24 hours.

  4. LindseyBorgsmiller 6 months ago

    Throwing this out there – Sunday’s weather looks a lot nicer….any chance of postponing? I know with everyone’s schedules, that would likely not be easy. But look like it might be sunny! I am 50/50 if the weather forecast doesn’t improve for Saturday (and today)!

  5. Author
    Leigh S. 6 months ago

    The forecast seems to be improving. I am leaning towards going. But a final call will be made by 6pm.
    I can’t go Sunday but if the rest of you decide to do that, it is cool with me I just can’t be the leader.
    Stay tuned for further developments!

  6. Author
    Leigh S. 6 months ago

    Well so much for improved forecasts! It looks to be a 40% chance of rain the whole day but pretty warm. I say we go for it!! This is really three shorter hikes so if we are wet and miserable we have two opportunities to call it a day early.
    Be sure to bring a rain coat and rain pants if you have them. Also a change of socks and shoes will make the little piggies very happy on the ride home…just a suggestion.
    I hope to see everyone at 8 in the Walmart parking lot. If you’re not coming let me know. My cell is 804.986.8928.
    See you tomorrow.

  7. Paul S. 6 months ago

    Is there a jiffy lube in relation to the Walmart? I see instructions to park near jiffy lube, but don’t see one on google.

  8. Author
    Leigh S. 6 months ago

    Yes Paul closer to the jiffy lube, taco Bell, 7-11. In the Walmart lot.

  9. YFreeman 6 months ago

    Hi everyone. I’m just seeing your messages. I am still up for going.

  10. Author
    Leigh S. 6 months ago

    Thanks to everyone for a great hike. I hope you are all dry and warm again.

  11. Paul S. 6 months ago

    Had a great day, thanks for hosting! Wasn’t feeling fresh enough to follow you to the brewery however ?

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