Blue Blazes! Rocky Mount – Gap Run (Day Hike, 8 Miles, Challenging)

  1. jemarcher 4 months ago

    Hoping to bring a plus one if a spot opens up.

  2. Author
    Leigh S. 3 months ago

    Hi all,
    Currently the south section of SNP is closed. But wait all is not lost! If the south section is still closed on Saturday, we will hike the Buck hollow, Mary’s rock, buck ridge hike near Sperryville. The distance is comparable though a little more of a drive. You don’t have to do anything unless you don’t want to go. The final call may be as late as Friday night. But we will hike Saturday somewhere….trust me!

  3. Ingrid 3 months ago

    Hi Leigh,
    Dave Grimes will be joining us as my +1, and he usually likes to meet us at the trail head. Where should I tell him to meet us?

  4. Brian 3 months ago

    Sorry to drop out. Need to get caught up on some things for work. Enjoy the hike!

  5. Dawn F. 3 months ago

    Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it. My neck, which I have been having problems with for quite a while, started acting up in the middle of the night.

  6. jemarcher 3 months ago

    We’re running a few minutes behind, but are on our way!

  7. jemarcher 3 months ago

    I’ve tried twice to post pics – they look like they’re uploading, then they just don’t show up! Open to suggestions?!?

    • Brian 3 months ago

      It’s working for me. Are these jpg images or some other file type?

    • jayh 3 months ago

      Jemma, it worked for me too. Give it a little time as the server can be a little slow to respond. You’ll get a green bar beneath each photo as it’s uploaded.

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