Banff Mountain Film Festival 2018 (Thursday, 03/08/18)

  1. maryklarson 1 year ago

    I snoozed and forgot to buy tickets this year before they sold out; if anyone has an extra ticket for any (or all) nights, I am very interested in taking it off your hands!

  2. WallyMarie 1 year ago

    I will come back from a business trip and most likely run late. Will catch up with you during intermission.

  3. TomAnderson 1 year ago

    Does anyone want to meet at 5:15 or so at Toast (3730 Winterfield Rd #100, Midlothian, VA 23113) for beer and truffle fries (heck, get whatever YOU want, I’m getting truffle fries!)?

  4. JoyceFoster 1 year ago

    I will be travelling back from a business trip so I will probably be running late. I will look for you guys.

  5. BeckyMiller 1 year ago

    I have 3 extra tickets to Banff tonight and 3 extra for Saturday. Since MaryKlarson requested tickets, I’ve contacted her. If she doesn’t want any or all, does anyone else want the tickets?

  6. KeithKersey 1 year ago

    I have an extra ticket for Friday available for sale.

    I am seeking one ticket to purchase for Saturday.

    Please send Private Message. Thanks!

  7. TomAnderson 1 year ago

    So nobody wants to meet at Toast beforehand??? If you change your mind, I’ll be there, crying lonely tears into my truffle fries starting around 5:30; else I’ll see you at 6:15 at the high school

  8. Author
    Brian 1 year ago

    Thanks for coming, everyone! Bonus points to Keith, WallyMarie, and Anna for wearing CVT shirts! Let me know if I left anyone out.

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