Backpacking Skills Part 1: Map & Compass (How The Hell Did I Get Here?)

  1. MaryJo 4 months ago

    It’s not as much of how the hell did I get here but more of how the hell do I get back.

  2. Adina 4 months ago

    I seriously need to attend this event!

  3. Chris M. 4 months ago

    +1 waiting list. The pooping in the woods course he gave was awesome. I’d expect this to be just as good.

  4. Sue DeFazio 4 months ago

    I don’t see where I can officially join a waitlist for this one. Do I just watch the comments and jump in if someone cancels?

    • Brian 4 months ago

      Hey Sue…there is no official waiting list, so you’ll have to watch for comments. There link at the bottom of this page where you can subscribe to get emails. Looks like you’re already subscribed. And I’ll check with Leigh to see if more spots can be added.

  5. MaryJo 3 months ago

    Sadly, I’ve had to cancel my RSVP to this event. That means another spot is open.

  6. Author
    Leigh S. 3 months ago

    Greetings lost campers,
    Just a couple things to bring on Sunday’s map in the park:
    Please bring a compass, in a pinch you could use the one on the phone.
    Also a pencil.
    If you have a favorite hiking map you would like to work the exercises on, bring that too.
    You might also want to bring water and a snack.

    Wear something you can walk in the woods in because there are hands on exercises that involve following your compass route.
    There is the prospect of showers Sunday so stay tuned in case we have to reschedule.

  7. Author
    Leigh S. 3 months ago

    Hi all,
    I dont know Pocahontas all that well but lets meet in the big parking lot from where we start the hikes.
    My cell is 804.986.8928.
    I’d wear boots it is sure to be muddy.
    Class starts at 9 but i’ll be there a little earlier to get things sorted.
    See you tomorrow.

    • Brian 3 months ago

      Hey Leigh…In the description I told everyone to meet at the Food Lion at 9am. Is that ok? Trying to avoid any confusion.

  8. Author
    Leigh S. 3 months ago

    Yes sorry for the confusion meet at food lion at 9.
    I’ll try to set up early and meet you there.
    Sorry for the mix-up.

  9. JoyceFoster 3 months ago

    Thanks for the clarification!

  10. Brian 3 months ago

    Not going to make it. Sorry.

  11. BrendaB 3 months ago

    Great class Leigh. I learned some very useful skills and techniques for figure our “where the heck am I”

  12. KimE 3 months ago

    Thank you Leigh- You put a lot of time and prep into developing this and it was a great class!!! Your knowledge and patience are priceless 🙂

  13. JoyceFoster 3 months ago

    Thank you so much Leigh for this great class and all of the prep work you did! Chris and I learned a lot and really appreciate your patience.

  14. Brian 3 months ago

    Sounds like I missed a great class. Thanks Leigh for all of your hard work in putting this together…1,000 CVT points for you!

  15. JKStringer 3 months ago

    Leigh, thanks for the class…and your patience!

  16. CateW 3 months ago

    Yes, thank you, Leigh! I’ve always been a bit perplexed with compass navigation and you have finally unraveled the mystery for me. The hands on demos and activities were extremely helpful.

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