Baby Goat Snuggling!!!

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  1. Lori 9 months ago
  2. Brian 9 months ago

    Nine people already??! I’m in the wrong business…

  3. Philip L. 9 months ago

    The event time on the linked site says 11am to 4pm, same day. Is that the correct one?

  4. Anne O. 9 months ago

    Hey, I bought my ticket πŸ™‚ sounds awesome!

  5. Sonja Moore 9 months ago

    I just bought a ticket but just realized there are no more spaces πŸ™

  6. Ingrid 9 months ago

    I’m not sure I’ll go, but that picture is much too cute! Hard to say no!

  7. Angelia 9 months ago

    So, funny thing, I’m attending this event on this day but with my bellydancing class/ friends. I laughed when i scrolled through event to April and saw it. So excited!

  8. NatalieBivens90 9 months ago

    I wanna go! 😍😍😍

    • Author
      KimE 9 months ago

      See if they have tix left–if they do let me know and I will open up a spot for you. I didn’t want to give people false hope by having spots open still!

  9. Elizabeth 9 months ago

    They are sold out on the website, but I bought two tickets on Friday hoping someone would cancel between now and April.

    I am happy to give up one of my tickets to Natalie if she still needs one if spots can be opened up?

  10. Anne O. 9 months ago

    Hey Kim, I do have a ticket, can you add me to the event? Thanks!

  11. Elizabeth 9 months ago

    Natalie, the ticket is yours.


    Thank you Kim!

  12. Elizabeth 9 months ago

    Very welcome!

  13. Author
    KimE 9 months ago

    Spots opened up for Anne and Natalie!

  14. CandyGilmore 7 months ago

    Oh man, I wanna snuggle with goats. Please email me at Candice.gilmore at if a spot opens up.

  15. Carole O. 6 months ago

    I will meet you there. I am bringing my grandkids. We all have tickets

  16. NatalieBivens90 6 months ago

    Crap! I have been thinking this event was this Sunday … I will be driving back from tenessee that day πŸ™ … Dang it !!!!!

    • Author
      KimE 6 months ago

      Hey Natalie, do you need to sell your ticket? Wondering if there is anyone on here that does not have a ticket yet that would like to purchase yours…

  17. Sonja Moore 6 months ago

    Changed my RSVP. Amanda will be taking my place. She has my ticket.

  18. LaurenHummel 6 months ago

    I purchased 3 tickets, but can no longer go. Anyone looking for tickets?

  19. Elizabeth 6 months ago

    Yes, I have a ticket if anyone needs it.

  20. Philip L. 6 months ago

    I had to change plans for Sunday; so requested and received a refund from Caromont Farm. An RSVP spot is now open and I see in previous comments there’s extra tickets available. Have fun y’all!

  21. Elizabeth 6 months ago

    Keith, it’s yours!

  22. Lori 6 months ago

    If anyone else learns last minute they need to drop off, let me know. I could use another ticket.

  23. Lori 6 months ago

    @Kim I now have one of Lauren’s tickets for Tom. Not sure if you can fan-angle the RSVP list to reflect this.

  24. Yvette S. 6 months ago

    Had to cancel because when I went to register at the farm the event was filled. No place for me. πŸ™

  25. LaurenHummel 6 months ago

    I’ve got 2 tickets and can no longer go. Let me know if you want one or both.

  26. SusanTurner 6 months ago

    Would love to go but sold out-I will purchase someone’s ticket-Let me know

  27. SusanTurner 6 months ago

    Yippe-e-e! Got Lauren’s ticket for me. Also have another ticket I will bring.
    Kim see you at 10 am

  28. Anne O. 6 months ago

    Hey Kimβ€”I’m going to drive by myselfβ€”I have plans afterward. See you there!

  29. Elizabeth 6 months ago

    Thank you Kim, and everyone, for a wonderful day! Followed by amazing pizza!

  30. KeithKersey 6 months ago

    For the love of goats! Well done Kim! Thank you!

  31. SusanTurner 6 months ago

    Sweet, sweet baby goats and goat loving people, beautiful scenery-what a fun and wonderful day! Thanks Kim for pulling it all together.

  32. Author
    KimE 6 months ago

    Awesomely fun and relaxing day at the goat farm. I hope everyone had a great time– can’t wait to see the feature film Keith will create with all his goat footage. Points updated for MB, Carole, Keith, Tom + Lori for CVT gear, did I miss anyone?? I had goat tunnel vision…

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