Baby Goat Snuggling!!!

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  1. Brian A. 2 weeks ago

    Nine people already??! I’m in the wrong business…

  2. Philip Leone 2 weeks ago

    The event time on the linked site says 11am to 4pm, same day. Is that the correct one?

  3. acoswald 2 weeks ago

    Hey, I bought my ticket 🙂 sounds awesome!

  4. Sonja 2 weeks ago

    I just bought a ticket but just realized there are no more spaces 🙁

  5. Ingrid 2 weeks ago

    I’m not sure I’ll go, but that picture is much too cute! Hard to say no!

  6. Angelia 2 weeks ago

    So, funny thing, I’m attending this event on this day but with my bellydancing class/ friends. I laughed when i scrolled through event to April and saw it. So excited!

  7. NatalieBivens90 1 week ago

    I wanna go! 😍😍😍

    • Author
      KimE 1 week ago

      See if they have tix left–if they do let me know and I will open up a spot for you. I didn’t want to give people false hope by having spots open still!

  8. Elizabeth 1 week ago

    They are sold out on the website, but I bought two tickets on Friday hoping someone would cancel between now and April.

    I am happy to give up one of my tickets to Natalie if she still needs one if spots can be opened up?

  9. acoswald 7 days ago

    Hey Kim, I do have a ticket, can you add me to the event? Thanks!

  10. Elizabeth 7 days ago

    Natalie, the ticket is yours.


    Thank you Kim!

  11. Elizabeth 6 days ago

    Very welcome!

  12. Author
    KimE 6 days ago

    Spots opened up for Anne and Natalie!

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