A Fistful Of Hollers: RipRap Hollow (Day Hike, 9-10 Miles, Strenuous)

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  1. Author
    Brian 1 week ago

    The CVT Worst Alert Storm Center is closely monitoring the track of Hurricane Florence and its impact on Central Virginia. Shenandoah N.P. has already canceled their Apple Butter Festival on Saturday, so they are taking it pretty seriously. Meanwhile the Milk & Bread Festival continues at area supermarkets.

  2. Author
    Brian 1 week ago

    This just in…Shenandoah National Park (including Skyline Drive) will be closing on Thursday due to the forecast. No indication as to when it will reopen, but Riprap has a LOT of stream crossings, so probably NOT a good time to be doing that hike. I would suggest a Plan B, but if the meteorologists in the CVT Worst Alert Storm Center are correct, the impact is going to be pretty widespread, so chances of a Saturday hike is looking pretty unlikely. Stay tuned for more updates.

  3. Author
    Brian 5 days ago

    The park is opening back up tonight/tomorrow morning…BUT…trails are very wet, and I am concerned about the water levels at many, many stream crossings on this trail, and there is a pretty good chance we’ll get rained on at some point. So no hike tomorrow, but I will reschedule this one as soon as I can. Sorry!

  4. George 5 days ago

    I agree. Just a bad time for a hike.

  5. Author
    Brian 4 days ago

    Moved to Saturday, 12/1, at 7:30am. Note this is the same day as Steve’s “Little Bites” A.T. hike. A couple of you are signed up for that one, so don’t double book yourself. Both hikes are in the Riprap area – Steve’s is an A.T. section hike along the ridge; mine goes down into the hollow and is longer with more elevation change.

  6. Dawn F. 4 days ago

    Unfortunately, I don’t want to miss a segment of the AT hikes Steve is leading.

  7. jayh 3 days ago

    This is the first hike that I did after moving to RVA 20+ years ago. Remind me to tell the story on the trail.

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