7 Mile Circuit & A Swim in the James (Local Hike, 7-9 Miles, Challenging)

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  1. DianaB 6 months ago

    Hey Keith – I have a left foot heel injury that prohibits a long hike. Sorry to miss this hike.

  2. sedefazio 6 months ago

    Sorry I will have to cancel. I have family moving to Alaska in Sept. And they asked for my help tomorrow.

  3. CharlieSmigo 5 months ago

    Sorry, Gotta cancel. Was looking forward to getting wet, but my daughter got called into work and I have to babysit.

  4. Author
    KeithKersey 5 months ago

    I am heading to Pump House Park. If there is no lightning, I plan to hike. If there is any lightning, I plan to wait until at least 9:00 for final call. I will revaluate conditions at the conclusion of the hike to determine if we will still swim.

  5. Ginny 5 months ago

    I love to walk in the rain but I’m too worried, on this terrain, about slipping and hurting my already bad knee, unfortunately. You guys have fun and thanks, Keith.

  6. JoyceFoster 5 months ago

    We are bailing too. I am still recovering from a knee injury and am worried about slipping in the rain. Sorry to miss it!

  7. JoyceFoster 5 months ago

    I can’t take my RSVP off of the list for some reason.

  8. Author
    KeithKersey 5 months ago

    Rain stopped at 8:40am
    It was a very peaceful day, I spotted two deer and a heron on the trail just behind Maymont.
    The sun came out just as I finished the hike and the water felt great after.

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