3rd Annual New Year’s Eve Getaway & First Day Hike ***CANCELED***

  1. Marsha 10 months ago

    Considering joining this trip. How would people feel if I brought my (then) 14 year old son?

    • Author
      Brian 10 months ago


  2. JoeGiasullo 7 months ago

    It’s a 2.5 hour drive to Mount Rogers which makes it a possible day trip from this location. Thoughts? Any yes, I realize I’m not signed up yet.

    • Author
      Brian 7 months ago

      You are not signed up yet! πŸ™‚ I’m open to suggestions. There’s also Hanging Rock & Pilot Mountain State Parks in NC, both about an hour away. I haven’t been to either.

  3. Jamie K. 7 months ago

    I cant make the new date, I’ll be in South America

    • Annie V. 7 months ago

      Oh I will miss you!!! so sorry about South America, but I’m sure you’ll make the most of it and have fun..;)

  4. Dawn F. 6 months ago

    Unfortunately, I am not able to attend on these dates.

  5. Katheryn S. 5 months ago

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend on the rescheduled dates as I couldn’t get off work that Friday and Monday πŸ™ Sad to miss it as I’m sure it would be a grand time.

  6. Annie V. 5 months ago

    Sorry I can’t make it! have fun!

  7. Gari 5 months ago

    I cannot attend. Too much work to catch up after the lapse. Enjoy!!

  8. JoeGiasullo 5 months ago

    We are down to 4 people and should seriously consider cancelling. Thoughts.

  9. Author
    Brian 5 months ago

    We can’t get a refund if we cancel this late. Might be able to reschedule.

  10. Author
    Brian 5 months ago

    I think we should join Kim on her trip to beautiful Libya…

    • Philip L. 5 months ago

      I’m game for Libya too. Also heard Glacier National Park is also quite beautiful in autumn. πŸ˜‰

  11. Dawn F. 5 months ago

    We are down to 5 people, not 4. I am not for rescheduling, because this trip has already been rescheduled once. I do not want my $55.00 or $110.00 wasted if I/we cannot make the rescheduled date. I think more people cancelled this time than when it was originally scheduled.

  12. Dawn F. 5 months ago

    I didn’t want to lose my money, so I worked out a couple things!

  13. Author
    Brian 5 months ago

    Joe/Philip/Dawn+1 – *If* I can reschedule without penalty (either at Fairy Stone or another Virginia state park), are there any summer weekends that you guys cannot do (May – September)? A couple of people have mentioned going back to Claytor Lake.

    • JoeGiasullo 5 months ago

      Claytor Lake is pretty sweet. Good for watersports and kayaking also. I have no set plans so have at it.

    • Philip L. 5 months ago

      I have a family friend’s wedding I have to attend on the weekend of June 1st in New Jersey, but beyond that, I have no other summer plans arranged yet besides our backpacking trip in early-May. I missed the Claytor Lake trip last time so I’d be excited to go there instead this summer based on everything I’ve heard of the area and the previous trip.

  14. Dawn F. 5 months ago

    We might take a vacation 8/24/19-9/1/19. Other than that, I do not have any plans that I can think of during the summer. I do not know about Jeremy’s summer plans. Jeremy’s job is busy during the summer. If I/we are not able to attend if this event is rescheduled, hopefully lots of people will want to attend so that I/we will be able to get my/our money back.

  15. Annie V. 5 months ago

    Maybe I can make the new date. πŸ™‚

  16. Katheryn S. 5 months ago

    I was amongst the original group and would be interested in going if you reschedule. Since you’re looking at dates I’m section hiking the AT April 6-14th and May 17-26. I don’t really have any plans beyond that for the summer.

  17. Author
    Brian 5 months ago

    The fine print says we can transfer the reservation for free up until Monday. Not much available at Claytor Lake, but it looks like we could get the first weekend in June, or oddly enough, Labor Day weekend is available. Philip, I know you said you can’t do the June weekend, and Dawn may have plans through Labor Day weekend. We would have a lot more options at Fairy Stone.

    • Philip L. 5 months ago

      Since Claytor Lake isn’t available for everyone, myself included, I think sticking with Fairy Stone is best. I see, via Google, there is a beach off Fairy Stone Lake with paddle boat/board rentals, plus plenty of trails there too. Memorial Day weekend, perhaps?

  18. JoeGiasullo 5 months ago

    I’m up for whatever

  19. Dawn F. 5 months ago

    Since there is more availability, I think we should stick to Fairy Stone.

  20. Author
    Brian 5 months ago

    Summer season requires a minimum 7 night stay, so that’s out. Rescheduled for Friday, 10/18, through Monday, 10/21 at Fairy Stone. October is considered prime season, so the rate will be higher. What I will probably do is cancel this trip, refund everyone, and set up a new trip at the higher rate. Stay tuned.

  21. Author
    Brian 5 months ago

    I refunded everyone in Trail Bucks for the February trip. If you’d prefer a PayPal refund, send me an email. A new trip has been posted for October.

  22. Annie V. 5 months ago

    OK! I see trail bucks, works for me. Thank you Brian for all the aggravation you went thru for this trip that didn’t happen. πŸ™‚

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