2nd Annual New Year’s Eve Getaway and First Day Hike

  1. Annie V. 2 years ago

    Oh boy! (oh boy! was too short, lol, had to add more) Happy New Year!

  2. Christine 2 years ago

    What does the $55.00 include? Lodging?

    • Author
      KimE 2 years ago

      Hi Christine,
      Yes the $55.00 gets you 2 nights’ lodging 🙂

  3. rosemaryp 2 years ago

    OK, Kim. I succeeded in signing up for the Georgia trip.
    Now I’m trying to sign up for the New Years Lake Anna trip.
    I purchased trail bucks again through Paypal but they aren’t registering
    on the CVA Trailblazers site. Will you please save me a place for Lake Anna
    while I try to figure out what happened???
    Thanks, Rosemary

  4. Author
    KimE 2 years ago

    I have set up a discussion so we can plan for this event. You can link to it here: https://www.cvatrailblazers.org/forums/topic/new-years-trip-lake-anna/#post-9513

  5. Jamie K. 2 years ago

    There are Very Important Football Games on at 4:25 pm on 12/31 that I will be finding a sports bar to watch, if anyone else is interested.

    • Marybeth 2 years ago

      Jamie, I know some sports bars in Fredericksburg area. Is it the Buffalo game?

      • Jamie K. 2 years ago

        It’s the Bills game, but also the Ravens, Titans, and Chargers games that are on at the same time. You have to do some calculus to figure out our road to the playoffs!

  6. rosemaryp 2 years ago

    Kim, For those who are driving up to
    Lake Anna separately, how can we locate the house where we will be all staying??
    Is there an office where we can check in and get the address of the CVT’s house?
    Thanks, Rosemary

  7. Author
    KimE 2 years ago

    Hi Rosemary (and everyone)
    The reservation is in my name and we are in lodge L12. The ranger station staff or the visitor center should be able to direct you. Or there will probably be maps at either of those places for you to find it. I believe there are only 2 lodges in the park.
    Check in at 4pm-they are pretty strict about that.
    Also, if we can get the carpool arrangements done we may be able to avoid meeting at Walmart in Ashland. This way everyone can do what they want on the way to the park AKA football watching, wineries, getting to the park early for hiking…

  8. Sonja Moore 2 years ago

    Kim, I have 3 boxes of crackers left over from my party. I’ll bring them.

  9. Jamie K. 2 years ago

    Looks like the 1st day hike is only 1.5 miles…any interest in tacking on some additional mileage?

  10. Christine 2 years ago

    Unfortunately, my husband is not feeling well and we can not attend this event. We were so looking forward to being there and spending a relaxing weekend with everyone. But, I guess it just was not meant to be… well, maybe next time. Hope you have a great time and a happy new year.

    • Author
      KimE 2 years ago

      Hi Christine,
      Sorry to hear he’s not feeling well. Fortunately one of your spots has been claimed, so Brian will be refunding you for that one. If someone takes your other spot you will get a refund for it as well. Happy New Year!

  11. Jamie K. 2 years ago

    Is anyone planning on stopping at wineries/elsewhere on the way up tomorrow?

    • Annie V. 2 years ago

      I’m riding with Lori and Tom, I’ll do what ever they want unless I develope some kind of attitude.

  12. Carole O. 2 years ago

    Hi guys
    I’m feeling under the weather so Eric and I are going to pass on the weekend s activities. Eric will bring.the noodles that I made & enjoy!

  13. Brian 2 years ago

    Thanks Kim for organizing this trip – I hope everyone had fun! Bonus points to Lori & Tom for wearing their CVT attire. Happy New Year!

  14. Annie V. 2 years ago

    Happy New Year Brian! and thank you Kim for an outrageously great time!!!! (I still giggling) and thank you to all the fab CVTs for the food and fun. It’s a great start to 2018, hee hee!

  15. Philip L. 2 years ago

    Thank you, all, for the fun, food, and first day hike this year! Thank you, Kim, for hosting! Happy New Year!

  16. Author
    KimE 2 years ago

    Where are the group photos? I can’t wait to see them!

    • Sonja Moore 2 years ago

      Some of us work for a living!!! Uploaded a ton. So there!!!

      • Author
        KimE 2 years ago

        Oops I forgot you were at the sweatshop today. But thank you for posting, they are great!!!!!

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