2017 Mural Hike/Lunch/Zombie Walk

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  1. KimE 1 year ago

    Murals+food+zombies+corn maze = best day ever!!

  2. Author
    Jamie K. 1 year ago

    I just tried to comment and got this:

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  3. KristenAllegood 1 year ago

    I plan on bringing M in a stroller…and possibly wearing a costume… If we fall behind, we will catch back up!

  4. Stephanie B. 1 year ago

    Have to drop out due to a wedding thing but hopefully will give someone a chance to go!

  5. Gari 12 months ago

    I’d like to attend if an opening occurs. Thanks!

  6. Annie V. 12 months ago

    Warning! I’m going to bring my dog Abby. If she misbehaves I will simply leave with her.

  7. Karen M. 12 months ago

    Sorry I have to drop out. Hope someone can take my spot and enjoy!

  8. Author
    Jamie K. 12 months ago

    In follow up to the message Brian sent out recently – prior to the hike, please make sure that your user name is your actual name (first name and at least your last initial) and that you have a good profile picture that is a close-up of your face with no other people in it. There are 3 people signed up that need to make updates. We reserve the right to cancel any RSVP that doesn’t have this profile information. This is simply for safety reasons so that we know who exactly is showing up to hike with us. Thanks!

  9. Brian 12 months ago

    Jamie, any idea when we’ll be done with the hike portion of the event?

    • Author
      Jamie K. 12 months ago

      I think around 1 p.m., depending on the pace of the group and how long folks want to stop to take pictures of each mural.

  10. Chris G. 12 months ago

    Unfortunately Tracy and I can’t be on the Mural hike tomorrow. This will free up 2 spaces. Chris G.

  11. Jonniestone 12 months ago

    We really want to attend but it’s not going to happen. In Cville w family member in hospital. Enjoy.

  12. Annie V. 12 months ago

    Thanks everyone for being so nice and patient with Abby! She LOVED it! Now we are both wore out…

  13. Author
    Jamie K. 12 months ago

    Thank you all for coming out, I hope you enjoyed it!

  14. KimE 12 months ago

    Thank you Jamie, super fun and well researched hike!!!

  15. KeithKersey 12 months ago

    Thanks Jamie, Great hike, great weather, and we learned the Legend of Odin!

  16. Dennis 12 months ago

    Thanks for leading this Jamie!

  17. Brian 12 months ago

    Thanks Jamie – great job! Pepita enjoyed seeing everyone!

  18. Bob H. 12 months ago

    Thanks Jamie. Even though I had to cut out early, this is one of my favorite annual events. And all of the photos posted online were great. Thanks again.

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