April 19, 2024

One feature we have with the new website is a blog.  More to come on that…but one of the ways we will be using the blog is to communicate announcements about the group (including new event announcements).

If you would like to receive these announcements via email, you can subscribe to the blog here.

In addition to the blog, you can also subscribe to comments.  You’ll find a comments section at the bottom of most blog posts and event pages.  And below the comments, you should see a link to subscribe to comments.  This enables you to get instant email notifications when new comments are added to that particular page or post.   It’s probably a good idea to do this for events you are attending, or for full events that you are interested in attending.

At the the bottom of each email is a link that allows you to unsubscribe.


3 thoughts on “Email Notifications

  1. I tried subscribing to the blog but didn’t get a confirmation email. Will subscribing not work until 4/1?

    1. Hey Jen. I may not have it set up to send subscription confirmations, but I see your email address on the mailing list now, so you should be good. Thanks for signing up!

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