May 23, 2024

We’ve had hundreds of events without incident since we began in 2011.  This past Saturday, Trailblazer Jeanne had a bad fall on the A.T. and suffered a broken elbow as a result.  Fortunately the group was hiking fairly close to Skyline Drive and was able to get her to safety.  I want to commend everyone in the group who pitched in to help, with a special shout-out to Leigh for his great leadership, as well as Lisa and Betsy for offering their first aid expertise.  Jeanne is recovering but will have to undergo surgery on Wednesday.  Please send positive vibes her way. We may have our “drama” from time to time…but incidents like this, while unfortunate, serve as a reminder of what a great group we really are!  Of course, since Jeanne did not technically complete the hike, I had to deduct her CVT Points for the day.  (Kidding.)

It’s also a good time to remind everyone about the wilderness first aid training classes offered through MEDIC SOLO Disaster & Wilderness Medical School.  They have an excellent two-day course that is offered in different cities throughout the region including Richmond, Charlottesville, and D.C.  I know several of us have taken the class, including myself, and I think it’s worth the investment if you spend a lot of time in remote areas.  And if you lead hikes for us, we’ll give you a little discount.  🙂

Lots of events on the calendar this week, including three sunset hikes, a sunset paddle at Caledon State Park this Friday, and a new installment of “Gappy Trails 2017” this Saturday…so no excuses for not getting out this week!  (OK, Jeanne has an excuse.)

Later this month…be sure to join us on Saturday, June 24th, for CVT Night with the Flying Squirrels!  The Squirrels will be facing the Akron Rubber Duckies…no really, that’s their name! Thanks Jen for hosting this!

And backpackers, join George and Sandra for a return trip to Knob Mountain & Jeremy’s Run.  This one-night trip is a group favorite and features a great swimming hole and waterfall – a perfect way to beat the heat after a day of hiking.  Thanks George and Sandra!