Deep Thoughts from a CVT Organizer

  1. Sonja Moore 10 months ago

    I’ve always wholeheartedly supported CVT in all it does. I’ve found at my advanced age (!), people love to tear down the successful. View it as a compliment. I admire any CVT organizer. I always said I’d do it if I liked people more. I see nothing but patience and fortitude. I’ve met and made some wonderful friends. Thank you for all you do. I may take a little break from hiking for a bit but I’ll always remain part of the family.

  2. Kris 10 months ago

    A huge thank you to Brian and all the organizers for making CVT the wonderful group it is!!! Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

  3. CharlieSmigo 10 months ago

    Thank you for everything that you, Kim, and the rest of the organizers do for CVT. I only wish my schedule allowed for more CVT hikes!

  4. Author
    Brian 10 months ago

    Thanks for the kind words. I hope to see you at some events soon!

  5. JoeGiasullo 10 months ago

    You guys rock hard. Those other groups are just CVT wannabe losers. Sad.

  6. Author
    Brian 10 months ago

    +25 CVT points for all of you!

  7. Annie V. 10 months ago

    Thank you Brian and Kim, all the other CVT organizers and members who together make things happen. I’ve met amazing people and have been all over the State of Virginia, to the mountains and seas of North and South Carolina and on down to Georgia. I have hiked, camped, kyaked in the most wonderous places, I’ve grown, learned and laughed with a fantastic, diverse group of people I would never have met without CVT. I have so enjoyed myself all for small dollars I can afford.

    I am always loyal, always ready to help with anything within my range of abilities for my CVT Family.

  8. Adina 10 months ago

    love this blog. Thanks Brian, Kim and the rest of the CVT family. Rad group.

  9. Eichelle 10 months ago

    Thank you Brian for CVT and all you do to keep it alive! I appreciate CVT as this is where my husband and son began their love for backpacking! The great people who hike in this group make it very welcoming and inviting. Hope to get back out again for another hike soon.

  10. BillPrice 10 months ago

    Great blog Brian. This is my favorite group by far. I tell people this is my favorite group because the members are zany and have the best sense of humor. You are right, it’s like family.

  11. MervaY 10 months ago

    Brian I can’t thank you enough for the work you put into CVT. This group is amazing. Could not ask for more from a group of fun hikers.
    V- Valiant
    T- Togetherness
    Much love to all.

  12. Author
    Brian 10 months ago

    Thanks Eichelle, Bill, & Merva!

  13. CyndyG 10 months ago

    A HUGE thank you to Brian, Kim, and all of the other organizers who work SO HARD putting together events. CVT was my FIRST meetup group and first event (weekend in Luray in February … snowed nearly the entire weekend … but oh what fun!). My life has become overwhelming … IT runs ME … and unfortunately I haven’t had much free time. But I continue to be forever hopeful that I will get back to THIS GROUP and can participate in events. So please don’t go anywhere Brian, Kim and the rest of you! Thanks again to EVERYONE for all that you do … and that you do it so well.

  14. Nan S. 9 months ago

    Being an organizer takes hard work, patience, time and sustained effort. I too thank Brian, Kim, Keith and all the organizers who have made CVT the great group it is today. It allowed me to find friends in Richmond; a place I moved to from up north. It also allowed me to see places I might not have seen otherwise. May CVT go on for many years to come!

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