April 12, 2024

After two weeks, we’re up to almost 200 members!  That’s pretty good, considering only around 600 members on the Meetup site are considered active.  (Meetup defines “active” as members who have visited the group site within the last 30 days.)

We are getting some spam registrations, which is pretty common with WordPress sites.  Luckily they’re pretty easy to spot, and I have deleted them before they could post anything.  That’s why I had the annoying “captcha” thing running for a while…but I disabled it for comments and logging in for now.

We had a first few “CVT 2.0” events this past week.  You’ve been posting photos, so thanks for that!  Attendance was a little low, but I think that’s to be expected as we transition to the new site.  We’ve added a few hikes to the calendar over the week or so, so make sure you check it out case you missed anything.  And please help spread the word among your friends in other groups!

One event you may have missed is Tom’s A.T. West Virginia/Maryland “Slackpacking” Adventure coming up in May.  It’s three days and nights of hiking and adventure based out of a historic but well-appointed cabin in beautiful Harper’s Ferry.  Cost is only $75, and RSVPs are open on the Meetup site.  Don’t delay…Tom may need to cancel soon if not enough people sign up.

That’s all for now…have a great week!