April 12, 2024

Thanks to everyone who came out to the CVT meeting this past Tuesday night at Tuckahoe Library! We had lots of great suggestions for 2019! Read on…

Leigh’s map & compass class has a lot of interest, and he has offered to teach some additional classes. Potential topics include How to Build a Campfire, How to Pack & Adjust Your Backpack, and How to Pee & Poop in the Woods (no, there will not be a live demonstration). Many thanks to Leigh for offering to do this!

Leigh and I are teaming up to lead a series of “Blue Blaze” day hikes this year. This is a follow-up to his popular “White Blaze Trail Daze” series of A.T. section hikes. This series will feature some of the many blue blazed (non-A.T.) hiking trails in Shenandoah National Park. The first couple have already been published…more coming soon.

Sonja has offered to do a presentation about her recent adventure along the West Highland Way in Scotland. We’ll do that at REI as soon as we lock down a date. Thanks Sonja!

Other ongoing hike series that will continue this year are Sundays on the James (monthly local hikes on and around the James River) and Sunset Hikes (weeknight hikes at local parks and neighborhoods). With Joe’s help, we may expand the Sunset Hikes to two nights per week, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Mary Jo suggested some music festivals as possible group camping trips. Two that were mentioned were the Red Wing Roots Music Festival near Natural Chimney, VA, and DelFest in Maryland. We’ll be looking into these, so stay tuned!

Kim is planning more state park trips this year, a beginning backpacking trip, a “llama hike”, and a fun-filled Philadelphia adventure!

Other mentions: A return to Claytor Lake; more game nights on alternate nights; beginner backpacking trips; camping at Peaks of Otter; Red River Gorge in Kentucky. There was a lot of interest in kayaking, so you will probably have lots of opportunities this summer…possibly even some overnighters! Also this summer, look for CVT Night at The Diamond with the Flying Squirrels…thanks Jen!

If you really like to plan ahead, I have already made reservations for this year’s CVT Holiday Party! The big event will be on Saturday, 12/14/19. Same location…Powhatan Dining Hall at Pocahontas State Park. More on that much, much later!

And finally, a suggestion from Dawn to add the carpool location or “How to find us” info to the event reminder emails. Great idea Dawn! Hariatta and I will look into that! 😉

Looking forward to seeing you on the trails in 2019!